Chance my son - Asian Male Senior, Computer

If $50k is a hard limit, UMD coa is above that at nearly $58k. Purdue is comfortably under at around $42k. Important to consider - as costs build up over 4 years.


Great catch!

Like the UCs in the high 60s. And Wisconsin high 50s.

These should not be considered.

An SAT of 1480 should be enough for a confirming scores, so the only reason that their so would not advance to finalist, would be if he forgot to apply. So we can probably assume that the OP’s son will be a finalist.

@Leo23, according to USC, if your son is accepted to USC, he will likely get the scholarship. At least that’s what this seems to mean:,sponsored%20by%20colleges%20or%20corporations

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Thank you @MarylandJOE. Did you mean OOS is an advantage for UMD? I think most state schools prioritize in-state kids.

Thanks @momofboiler1, yes, he will do EA for all the schools, if applicable.

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Since UC costs have already been discussed (around $67K/year) for OOS students, below are some CS admit numbers if available for the UC’s.

UCLA admit rate for CS in 2021 was 8.3%

UCB’s admit rate for the College of Engineering was around 7%. If applying for EECS, it was 4.5%
CS in the College of Letters and Sciences was 2.9%.

UCI’s 2021 admit rate for CS was 7.1%. Undergraduate Admissions | Office of Institutional Research | UCI

No specific data for UCSD CS only Student Profile Information:

UCSB historic admit rate for CS 6-8%. New Freshmen Profile | Office of Budget & Planning

No specific Data for UCD CS only Student Profile information. UC Davis AggieData

UCR 2021 admit rate for CS was 37%. Admission: Undergraduate | Institutional Research

UCSC 2021 admits rate for CS was 71% Admissions Funnel

UCM 2021 admit rate for CSE was 85% Undergraduate Applicants, Admits, and Enrollments | Center of Institutional Effectiveness

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Ok. Thx for clarifying. Didn’t know.

If one is a NMF, you always want to look at the home run schools such as Bama with its four years tuition and housing. And there’s others as well that ‘buy’ kids in. They have the most I believe in the country so your $50k is cut 80%+. And again google other schools - I think UTD is aggressive and others but they might feed into your decision.

It’s the kid, not the school that will determine success. Yet all these schools are putting out great grads.

I put the Bama link and another link with other offers below. If u see a school of interest, look directly on their website to ensure the info is accurate.

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Thank you @tsbna44 and @MWolf for all the info. My son is applying for NMF and hope he can get in.

For additional match schools, I would suggest reviewing the WUE schools which make their Computer Science degree available:

For another reach, you could consider UT Austin if you are willing to take the steps for gaining residency. His stats are also inline with admits to the Turing Scholars | Department of Computer Science there which would be worth the extra application.

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There is a forum where NM 2023 is discussed. Have you have checked out that thread?

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I’m sorry. Yes UMD does prioritize in-state students but I’ve seen OOS students get in sometimes over in-state students with higher stats. They are “holistic” UMD just might give a bit of merit to entice them to go there and bring the cost under your 50k limit, it’s worth a shot. As stated above, be sure to apply EA as the chances during regular decision are much slimer.

The 1480 SAT score falls at the 25th percentile of SAT scores of fall 2021 honors recipients, making honors not a certainty by any means. Plus the score range has definitely shifted upwards this year (just as overall acceptance rate to the university is expected to have dropped to 32%).

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I’m not sure your point. UMD doesn’t limit merit aid to honors students. OOS students with lower SAT scores have received.merit aid, it’s not impossible. The students other stats are very good. UMD also admits “holistically”. If they see someone they want they could try to incentivize them.

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I didn’t say it was impossible. I said it’s “not a certainty by any means”, as in - lower probability of getting a scholarship so should not be counted upon.

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Maybe UT-Dallas or UCF because of NMSF status?


My son had better stats - got $5K. My daughter - not as good - shut out.

I don’t think merit is substantial OOS. My daughter got scholars. My son - three years ago - got nada in regards to Honors… But did get $5K.

If you look at UMs stats, it’s not the same school of a few years ago.

It’s a much harder admit - similar to how UGA has risen.

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If you’re really interested in California publics in your price range, then I would consider San Jose State, San Diego State, Cal Poly - San Luis Obispo (already mentioned), and Cal Poly Pomona, the last of which would be a real bargain with WUE. There’s a formula you’ll need to use to figure out your son’s score for those schools (based on level of classes, number of classes, grades, and some other factors), and perhaps @Gumbymom can let us know where it is.

As others have mentioned, UT-Dallas has really upped its name for National Merit Finalists, and it has a very well-reputed CS program.

Georgia Tech would be a reach, but it’s a possibility.

To throw in some schools that would be totally different from what you have, Rose-Hulman and DePauw in Indiana are much smaller schools with a bigger emphasis on undergrads. A completely different feel, but in case your son wants to have a variety of possibilities, those would definitely give him variety.

Just to throw one more wild card out there, depending on your son’s particular interests in CS, you might consider DePaul in Chicago.

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I said the student MIGHT get merit, ALSO not a certainty. You seemed to focus on honors in your statement though which was confusing as those aren’t the only students that get offered merit. Absolutely no merit should be counted on but they won’t know unless they try.

The fact is this students SAT is above the average for admittance to UMD. Their grades are also well above the average admit. I’d say the student has a very good chance at being admitted to the school. I would say they have a bit less of a chance at direct admit into the CS program. Fortunately with UMD transfer into the CS program isn’t competitive, one just needs to complete gateway requirements which are the same as those that get direct admit to the major have to complete.

I think this student has a good chance at admittance if they apply EA.

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Yes I realize I didn’t explain the rationale. OP needs at least 8k of merit to get the COA within budget. That requires either the B/K scholarship (only given to honors admittees) or the higher end of the presidential scholarship typically - in my observation, although no explicit rule - also given to honors attendees. Yes non-honors can also get scholarships but they’re usually smaller amounts, maybe $2,500 or $5k at the high end. Not enough for OP.

I agree with the rest of your points regarding getting admittance as well as @tsbna44’s points about it getting harder in the past few years.


Ohio State does not admit by major for their CS degrees so their CDS information is instructive of who gets in. Current students apply to their major once they’ve completed a set of pre-reqs. Majors | Computer Science and Engineering

Their National Buckeye Scholarships are frequently awarded and stack with Maximus, Provost or Trustee and do not require any additional supplements which should get you in budget. Net Price Calculator - Incoming Freshmen - The Ohio State University

However, they do offer some full rides and full tuition scholarships I think your son would be competitive for (Eminence/Morrill) and should take the time to apply for Merit-based scholarships - The Ohio State University

He needs to meet their EA deadline to maximize his scholarships.

There is also a club football team if he’d be interested and lots of other student organizations/clubs as well as honors and scholars programs. University Honors Program | Honors and Scholars Center