Chance my son (Rising Senior) to CalTech/Stanford/UCs/Cal Poly SLO [CS or ME]

Waitlisted for CS at UCLA.


Son will be declining waitlist option at UCLA and San Diego(was admitted as Undeclared major to 8th college).

Looks like his decision is being made easy for him(to confirm SLO CS). He will wait for Berkeley and Santa Barbara decisions.


Would he choose UCB or UCSB over Cal Poly even if he got in. They’re really different.

Maybe UCB CS for prestige and proximity to the Bay Area.
Based on the market outcome CS of Cal Poly SLO stands right after UCB and UCLA, but way above than UCSB.

I certainly wouldn’t say that based on my son’s friends’ results who did CS at CP. They have great jobs and are making every bit as much as their UC counterparts. The program is smaller, so by gross numbers it may look that way. Per capita, CP is very strong.


I completely agree that the CS of CP is very strong and competes with the top 2 UCs (UCB and UCLA) in market outcome/salaries as per the available data of the last 2 decades.

Moreover, as per the data CP is way ahead than rest other UCs and most of the ivs even.

Son was invited to apply for Honors program at Cal Poly. @eyemgh Can you pl. share your knowledge about honors program. I know it helps in priority registration but he needs to take extra honors courses.

Also, he may continue his Alto/Tenor Sax at Cal Poly and join band. He will get priority through the band program(I think).

Last date to apply is March 26 11:59 pm.

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Honors program also gets a freshman into the newest dorm on campus, Yakitutu.

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Yes honor college students take extra classes.

Here is more info…

There’s actually a thread on the Cal Poly Reddit re: Honors Program within the past day:

My son was granted admission based on his grades after first year. He brought in significant AP credit, so the honors course requirements would have added 10 hours. He was ahead enough that he registered earlier than his cohort anyway, so he turned it down. He ended up graduating with greek honors (Magna Cum Laude). For him the disadvantages outweighed the advantages.

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Is it important to register earlier than your cohort? I assumed that wouldn’t be as much of a problem at Cal Poly, because students are all admitted directly into majors. Wouldn’t they be able to plan ahead for approximately how many spots they would need in all courses?

It’s always nice to register earlier. You get more flexibility in choosing professors, times and classes. There is a flowchart, but there is variability within for choosing tech electives and GEs. Some of them are VERY popular.

From what I read so far, 1st year they get block scheduling which is very useful to get needed classes.

Its from year 2 and upper division electives which are an issue.


It’s not a matter of being locked out like it was around 2010 when they expanded student count, but lagged in hiring professors. It’s a matter of more choice as noted above.

Hmm, interesting. I hadn’t looked at this before, but Cal Poly has an interesting way of calculating Academic Progress for the purpose of scheduling registration times. Most schools either base this on unit count, or by terms completed at the school. I’m sure you know all about this @eyemgh but linking it here for others:

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I actually only knew of it in an abstract way, as my son handled all of that. It’s nice to see it laid out!

Got in to UCSB but as undeclared applicant.

Admitted Major
Undeclared (Letters and Science)
College of Letters and Science


Courses/flowcharts from different majors and colleges do overlap at times, so you may not only be competing against your own cohort, say freshman, but also cohorts from other classes (sophomores, juniors and seniors).

An example of what can happen is that students will avoid all 8 AM classes or 6 PM classes, or avoid Friday classes all together, as a few examples, and will just skip the course scheduled in their course flowchart.

And skipping classes will mean they will have to take that required course later and then may be competing for registration against newer SLO students, who are blocked in (freshman).

D21 received a lot of AP credit, so as a sophomore, she has had junior standing, which has given her priority registration. She has not missed any classes, but she has also taken 8 AM and 6 PM classes.

This quarter was her worst in terms of scheduling. Tuesdays and Thursdays 8-11 AM and then 3-8 PM. She had one waitlisted class last quarter for a popular Chem class, but that’s been about it.

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