Chance the schools for returning to normal by beginning of Fall 2021 semester

It would have been better if the poll also asked the same questions with the following conditions:

  1. Now (when some teachers, staff, and parents have not had a chance to get vaccinated).
  2. After all teachers and staff (but not all parents) have had a chance to get vaccinated.
  3. After all teachers, staff, and parents have had a chance to get vaccinated.
  4. After all teachers, staff, parents, and students have had a chance to get vaccinated (obviously would require a vaccine available to younger ages than now).

It would not be surprising if “yes” increased and “no” decreased going through these time frames (i.e. more vaccination, more desire or willingness to do in-person school).

Our county has voted to send everyone back full time right after Spring break. No plan for social distancing, no real plan for lunch. They will let Juniors and Seniors leave campus for lunch. They were rotating in 3 groups for the past few weeks. At our school, only half of the kids actually showed up, around 200 a day. Now they could have 1200 kids. The schools have been told to figure it out. They have given families the choice to go virtual. Everyone has to decide by April 1 and implement by April 8th, all during Spring Break. The schools can’t even make a plan until they know how many kids they have showing up. Teachers will not be fully vaccinated by then and I feel bad for parents who wanted some normalcy with safety protocols. I hope it goes well. D21 is staying virtual- she says she got an early release from prison for good behavior :joy:

I think our school board just got tired of people yelling and the poor performance of some of the kids. Now it’s on the parents- you want them there, you send them. I wonder how many struggling kids will actually show up?

In my state, if you choose the on-line public school option and meet certain income levels, the state covers the cost of a computer & WIFI. There really is no reason to have the individual schools financially have to provide an on-line option. On-line students can also take individual classes at local public schools if they want, as well as participate in EC’s. I am sure they could study at the library there if they wished.

Butler University just announced a plan to vaccinate all students before they leave campus at the end of the semester. “The Indiana Department of Health is providing the Pfizer vaccine to our campus with the directive that we vaccinate as many students as possible before the end of the semester. Any remaining vaccine will be provided to faculty and staff.” Based on this, hopeful other Indiana universities are getting the same option.

While not requiring students do this before leaving, they talk directly about fall plans: “While students are not required to get vaccinated at this time, we highly encourage students to take advantage of this opportunity. Although the University has not yet made a final decision, Butler, like most universities, may require COVID-19 vaccinations beginning this fall.”


but how do they get their 2nd dose. one hopes all states have availability by then. Also for allergies some might need the JnJ. So i hope its voluntary.

Yes @sdl0625 as mentioned, not required. They, like many colleges, may require vaccination to start next fall but there are always exceptions for health and religious reasons.

Both doses are planned in this program. Specific days are set aside and have been communicated. If the second dose occurs after a student’s last final, they can stay in campus housing as long as 24 hours after final dose (to ensure no reaction) and check-out times will be managed to vaccine schedule times.

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Allergies are really not a factor in not choosing MRNA vs. vector (J&J) vaccine tech - its the additives and they BOTH have additives which a very, very small % of people may have an allergy or sensitivity to. What I’m saying is most people are unaware they are allergic to PEG or Polysorbate 80 so it should not preclude one from getting either type.

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good to know that both doses are being planned.

As California’s case rates continue to decline, it looks like the UC campuses are slowly releasing statements about in person graduations. Hopefully this is a good sign for the fall.

Berkeley is having a virtual ceremony followed by a graduate only in-person procession.

UCI is planning a virtual ceremony and an in-person, graduating student-only “Stage Moment” the week after the virtual ceremony. See general questions here:

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Well that leaves the DC schools as virtual, since the Mayor is keeping her city closed. (outdoor gatherings is capped at 50 still). GW is not even offering an appointment based “stage moment” or a “walk” They are thrilled to save all that money to do a virtual graduation.

My daughter is a senior at a private CA university. We just found out on Friday they are definitely having in person graduation. It will be outdoors on the football field rather than inside their sports arena and limited to two guests per graduate.

She and most seniors have been all remote since last March so she is beyond excited to finally know that she will get to see her friends again before they all graduate and move on. I saw the email before she did (we were supposed to find out this week not last) and woke her up when I sent her an excited text with the news!


Northeastern and Brown have both announced the covid vaccine will be required for fall semester. You need to scroll down a bit to find Brown’s announcement – under the Vaccine Distribution Status at Brown header.


Cornell and Rutgers too according to the other thread. Someone told me Nova Southeastern as well, but that’s hearsay. Well, it was. I just took a second and googled it - what I was told is accurate.

ALL NSU STUDENTS, FACULTY, AND STAFF RETURNING TO ANY NSU CAMPUS OR NSU SITE FOR THE FALL 2021 SEMESTER/TERM ARE REQUIRED TO BE FULLY VACCINATED FOR COVID-19 EFFECTIVE AUGUST 1, 2021 (effective JULY 1, 2021 for some Health Professions Division programs, please check with your program director). In the next few weeks, we will produce a formal policy to provide for limited exemptions as recognized under law for students or employees with underlying medical conditions that prohibit vaccination or who have sincerely held religious beliefs (not personal beliefs). A detailed policy will follow in advance of the effective dates, outlining a process for providing your proof of vaccination, as well as how to request consideration for a limited exemption.

That last one is interesting because it’s in FL and I seem to recall FL’s Governor being opposed to places requiring it. I’m not sure he has control over private businesses though, does he?

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From the article:

  • “social distancing and masking policy will depend on public guidelines”
  • “expects a vaccine requirement for all students, adding that University Health Services will be prepared to vaccinate both domestic and international students when they arrive on campus”
  • “Those living in campus housing or in athletics will still be required to test once a week, but others will be able to get a “green pass” for 90 days after their vaccination is registered.”
  • “Additionally, those who are vaccinated and exposed to someone with COVID-19 do not have to quarantine if they remain asymptomatic; however, if they begin to show symptoms or live in close contact with the person, they will be required to”
  • “fall classes will be held in person by default, with larger classes of more than 200 students offered remotely.” (see UC Berkeley announces in-person instruction as default for fall 2021 )
  • “In terms of fall housing, doubles will have two students and triples will have three, but double rooms turned triples will not have three students,”