Chancellors and Powers-Knapp Scholarship

@Avoidingdebt thanks so much! I’m from Mn so technically out of state but not really. And I received the Frawley Fund Award, but nothing about LEED

@JustPeriodical I got a denial email a yesterday:( Wasn’t expecting to get the scholarship because my stats are relatively average

@Narnian02 so sorry to hear that! But having closure is good…hopefully you can still attend UW

@Avoidingdebt Thanks, and yes I agree knowing is better than being in limbo. I still plan on attending. With all the COVID-19 delays and closures I’ll be more than happy to pay in full if things are normal for us to start Fall on time<3

@Narnian02 I agree! I just checked and nothing has changed…no denials and no offer. I hope I’d it’s a denial it comes quickly to move on!

I still have not heard back yet… Anyone else in the same situation?

@collegekid444 - no word- nothing. In the hub it just says the cycle for the scholarship is not complete. I hope answers come out this week. It looks like people have been denied already, but then there’s a wave that have nothing. They seem to give out acceptances in Friday’s-

I find it odd that I still have not been notified. I sent an email asking and have yet to receive a response. Any updates on your end?

yeah it is odd. I emailed too, asking if they are delaying results because of covid-19. Plus I heard they are furloughing workers, so makes things up in the air. They replied asking for a name to give a status, but they didn’t reply after Friday. They sent out some rejection emails to some applicants. I just wish they would send out a denial if it will be a denial, instead of dragging people on.

Received the denial email, and it cane from Jeannette P., the administrative coordinator. I didn’t notice it came in April 7th. Oh well on to the next thing.

I’m applying for the Mercile J Lee scholars program for this fall, the 2021-2022 school year. For all those who managed to be accepted into the program, I have some questions that I’d greatly appreciate some help with.

First, what did you write your essay about?
Second, what do your stats look like?

Thanks you so much!