Chances at Harvard

<p>Harvard: 4.5/10 you just never know at places like that
MIT: 5.5/10 Nothing really screams science or math at me, but hey I could be wrong
Princeton: 5/10 again, another crapshoot
Columbia: 6.5/10 This is highly dependant on the quality of your essays
Brown: 7/10 Again, the essays are important here
Dartmouth: 7/10 depends on whether you're what they're looking for
Tufts: 8/10 tufts is known to reject if they think you're using them as your safety
RPI: I've never heard of it
Boston University: 9.2/10 You're probably in, but hey you could get a surprise
Umass: 9.5/10 same as above</p>

<p>Any more rankings? I want to get as many as possible. Say anything that you want to say, and please be brutally honest.</p>


<p>100% in umass...depending on which one u go to you could get a full ride</p>

<p>siemens should be a good hook. you look strong all around. I have similar stats, ECs (research but not submitted), so that gives us....what, 10% chances? Maybe a little higher.</p>



<p>oh, who are you? will? i dont think you are though</p>

<p>Collegeperson: I have similar Sat I and SAT II stats. Do you think that the lower SAT II scores in comparison to the SAT I will hurt chances, and is it worth retaking to try and match the high SAT I scores. (Good job, by the way).</p>

<p>I'm not sure. I think I might be able to improve my Writing SAT II, but Physics would take forever to study for again, and I might end up with a lower score. There is no way that I can study for US History though; I haven't had history for two years now.</p>

<p>Out of curiousity, if I managed to qualify as a Regional Finalist in the Siemens Westinghouse competition, how much would my chances improve? What about National Finalist (though I highly doubt this will happen)?</p>


<p>Any suggestions and rankings would be tremendously appreciated. Thanks in advance!</p>


<p>i don't think i'm qualified to answer, but where in MA are you from?</p>


<p>The only National Merit Semi-Finalists who DON'T become National Merit Finalists are the kids who do badly on their SATs, aren't endorsed by their school, or write a crappy essay.</p>

<p>Yeah.. maybe instead of waiting for people to evaluate your chances for you, why don't you just work really hard on your applications and go for it? It's not like our opinions will improve your chances of getting in.</p>

<p>richard this is will</p>

<p>went to promys with him</p>

<p>whats ssshafted mean?</p>

<p>i'd like to rank you as well, but your essay is going to be huge in the decision process. you have the grades, you have the scores, you have the ec's, but the essay is where they're going to see all your passion.</p>

<p>i went to harvard summer school too (where i def didn't take multivariable calculus)... then again, so did the rest of the world.</p>