Chances at my First Choice School!!

<p>Wake puts the rigor of your courseload ahead of anything which seems to be fine for you. Also they like community service oriented EC's which you have a couple of. With test scores aside (which aren't really that bad) you have a great chance at being admitted.</p>

<p>Not to be a naysayer, but you asked. I believe your chances are so-so. Your scores may cause concern. Do you have anyone there pulling you in? Remember, this is a game of sorts, with virtually nothing to do with merit.</p>

<p>UNCfan, I've never heard that about the rigor of schedule. Do they heavily consider college-prep work as opposed to say, higher GPA's in regular-level classes?</p>

<p>So yup, I was waitlisted. I don't know what to write, I'm really upset right now. Oh well, thats life I guess.</p>