Chances @ BU?

<p>I'm applying as an out-of-state student. Would that affect the outcome by a lot??</p>

<p>GPA: 3.78 (UW) without senior first semester grades
Class rank percentage: top 15 or 20%
APs: Lit (2), Language, US (2), Physics, Bio
SAT: I took the last one in June and got 1530. But during the summer I studied and improved a lot. So i'll get a score in the range of 1800-2000 (I took numerous mini mock tests).</p>

-Volunteer @ art museum from July 2009-present
-Volunteer @ elementary school (max 50hrs)
-Piano accompaniment for Sunday services
-Varsity Tennis for last 3 years (Most Improved Award/Letterman)
-World Affairs Club 2 years (served on senior board)
-National Honor Socitey 4 years
-Key Club for first 3 years
-Church Youth Group 4 years (President, VP)</p>

<p>Please be honest! Thanks. I'll chance you if you want me to, just leave a link. :)</p>

<p>Your high GPA with low test scores will hurt you. Your extra-curricular is fine, but you need to improve the SAT. As it stands if I were grading you, I'd look at your GPA not as a 3.6 but lower due to it seeming to be highly inflated.</p>

<p>Being out of state doesn't really affect your chances in my opinion. A lot of the BU population is out of state and international. Get your SAT up to 1900~2000+ and you should be fine. Don't forget you need to take SAT2's!</p>

<p>JajFling, what do you mean by "highly inflated"?</p>

<p>BU is a private school-it doesn't matter if you're instate or out.</p>

<p>You won't get in with a 1530 SAT score. Even an 1800 might not cut it. Try to definitely get above a 1900 and your chances will be good.</p>

<p>Oh, and by "highly inflated" JajFling meant that your GPA doesn't correlate with your test scores. It seems as if your school/classes are easier and your grades are high, but they don't match up with your SATs or AP scores.</p>

<p>Definitely work on the SAT score. You should also try the ACTs.</p>

<p>What I mean is what sak09 said, although I shouldn't have called them "highly".</p>

<p>Well my sister got into BU with a 1650 SAT and a 3.3 your chances don't look as bleak as people are saying</p>

<p>Correction, 1690 SAT</p>

<p>It also depends on what school she applied to. EC play a good part in the admissions as well as a well written essay. If she applied to CGS, her chances would have increased since they have lower admissions standards</p>

<p>Ju_liaa, </p>

<p>Couple questions here..
Was your sister applying from out of state or in state?
What school did she apply to and did she declare her major on her applcation? If so, what was it?
And was this last year you're talking about? </p>

<p>Thank you</p>

<p>As already stated, in-state or out-of-state DO NOT MATTER because BU is a private school. With the states OP has, CGS is a good possibility, especially if she applies ED.</p>

<p>what is OP?</p>