CHANCES for a NERD?!!!

<p>I dont know about JETS, since it's new to me. Anyway, you can google Junior Engineering Technical Society to find out more. And Im sure JETS is held in NY, probably at a local college or something similar like it is here in CT.</p>

<p>thanks... i will look into it</p>

<p>i would have to be very picky when i say this, but ur verbal score of 760 is one thing....obviously its minute but if it is raised ull have a tad bit better chance. also i would have to be picky on this one too but colleges might notice and if they have any reason to reject you, it would be because of this.....u might need better community service hours...u have a lot of hours i mean but not in the most diverse or unique sure you can think up of some unique ways...I myself am planning to participate in a project where i go to nepal thru my school and help build a school in nepal with money that my school has raised thru fundraisers....this is for like three weeks in feb. during school and i believe this looks really good...just something like that would definietly get you in cuz everything else looks fine!!! good luck!!!</p>

<p>Yes, I agree with tennispro. This is very important for all applications.</p>

<p>Honestly though... admissions at mit is a toss-up no matter what. But we really can't tell you explicitly like you'd like us to tell you. We're not admissions staff... you have about as good a profile as anyone possibly can who doesn't happen to ALREADY be in mit. I'm sure you knew that too. If you can glance down your test scores and see all 800s academically you're perfection. The extra curriculars can't take away from your academics, and in your case they're not bad either. The fact that you don't have any research will definitely NOT count against you, it can only add to your resume if your research has been particularly interesting.</p>

<p>Hey you've got me beat so far in the EA game.</p>

<p>I don't agree with tennispro. I apologize if I'm misinterpreting your intentions, but doing certain activities just to "look good" on college resumes is just fundamentally wrong. Who cares if your community service activity happens to be a popular one? If you have a passion for it, why drop it and go into breeding llamas for the poor in Ethiopia just so it can be something that "sticks out". Colleges are starting to catch on to many students who are doing "unique" activities simply for that purpose. If you have a passion for what you're doing, and feel like that's where you belong, who has the right to criticize you just because "other people" are doing the same things?</p>

<p>i agree. Id like to see the percentage of students who continue community service after graduating college. Ill admit that Im not interested in community service, and that it wouldnt be something i enjoy. Some might say Im being selfish and self-centered. Well, maybe so. But at least Im honest with myself and not so desperate that I have to resort to resume padding. That is, unless someone truly has a passion for community service. Anyway, that's not for me, and I think that starting community service in my senior year would actually be detrimental to my app, and not beneficial. Well, that's my two cents.</p>



<p>come on!</p>

<p>you know you wanna!</p>

<p>no Im not.</p>

<p>Yes pebbles, but I think this is an important point for juniors and sophs while it may not be a good pointer for seniors. They should continue doing what they are doing, but pay more attention to what they really want to do. Most students end up doing everything they can, but there are not many things that they would want to continue/or would start again if they had chance to do so.</p>


<p>im wondering whether i should send in an optional essay about building the hovercraft (with two friends btw, certainly not by myself). Since Im planning on majoring in mech engineering, do you think this would help fill the void left by no research? If anyone replies, well then thanks!</p>

<p>Include lots of exclamation marks in your essay. You're a lock for sure.</p>

<p>can someone please answer my question two posts up? Bleh........</p>

<p>please! I let this thread DIE and go to hell if someone would just answer my question.</p>

<p>I realize that it's annoying to see this thread over and over, so end it all now by answering my question sufficiently enough so that i dont have to post a reply. Thanks.</p>

<p>omg. what do you want answered -_-</p>

<p>sorry if i sounded so desperate :0</p>

<p>im wondering whether i should send in an optional essay about building the hovercraft (with two friends btw, certainly not by myself). Since Im planning on majoring in mech engineering, do you think this would help fill the void left by no research?</p>

<p>Someone at my school got in, with no research, #3 in class, good EC's but nowhere near yours, not urm/athlete/legacy, GREAT essays, GRAND recommendations, so I would say you have a reallly good chance, but no one is assured acceptance at MIT</p>

<p>If you can come up with an essay about the hovercraft that is very well-written, personal, and does NOTTTTT sound like you're trying to merely fill the void of no research, then by all means, go for it. But at this point I think your essay is just going to sound like a desperate attempt to add another thing to your resume, and in that case I'd say... no, don't bother.</p>

<p>Agree with others that you have as much of a chance as anyone else... On paper, you look like a very strong applicant, but I'm sure that everyone that applies to MIT is a very strong applicant. Good luck and where else are you applying?</p>

<p>how are yo udoing stem cellls, isnt that still a topic in limbo</p>