Chances for Northwestern Vandy Notre Dame Georgetown USC UVA?

Asian Male. I’m tryna pre-law and do humanities (Political Science/Philosphy/Psych?) stuff in college. I’m gonna apply to HYPS and so on but that’s a crap shoot.

1580 SAT
1520 PSAT (Not that it matters)
Rank 1 out of 300
UW GPA: 4.00 W: 4.95/5.00
AP’s: 5’s on CSP, AB, Gov, Bio, BC, Lang, Psych, Mech, WHAP, Chem, 3 on CSA(self-studied lmao)
Next Year Schedule: Diffeq, Research Class, Stats, Econ, Human Geo, Lit, Comp Gov
Subject Tests: Math 2 800, Bio 780, taking Lit this Summer

Captain of Track and Field Team, okay times for a sprinter (mid 11’s for 100m)
Co-President/Captain of School’s Chess Team, 3rd place team at states, I’m also ranked somewhat high in the state/country
Co-Captain of Debate Team, some 1st place local finishes, broke at a few pf natcirc tournaments
Student Member of my community’s local association board, organizes a lot of different activities around my city.
Sing in school’s acappella group on the down low for fun
Internship at Immigration Law Firm in junior year school year and for junior year summer
Summer Internship at a defense contractor lab sophomore year summer

Random Awards:
Submitted some music/writing stuff to some state competitions, got 2nd in state for a song I wrote in some competition, state finalist for a short essay I wrote, and so on.
A few chess awards, like high finishes at state/nat tournaments, made some decent cash too
Qualified to FBLA nats freshman year(quit that club tho)
NHS(if that crap even counts)
Ig qualified for track states?

You definitely have the test scores and GPA to be in the top level of applicants with any school (although I wouldn’t report your 3 on CSA. It could be potentially counted against you and if it was self-studied they won’t have to know you ever took it). I think you would be a great fit for Northwestern - they highly value being great at multiple extracurriculars. As for Notre Dame and Georgetown, both place a greater emphasis on service and character. I would definitely focus on any projects you did for your local community board and describe how they shaped you for your essays. I’m not quite as familiar with Vandy, USC, or UVA. Overall, amazing job with your academics! I would just suggest finding a way to connect some of your extracurriculars, as they show great leadership but they aren’t as focused as many top universities look for (with the exception of Northwestern).

Are there any other “elite” schools your applying to? Your scores are really good, however you seem to be a well rounded student. And considering you intended major this is reasonable. You should attempt to aim for a Ivy. ( I personally would)

You should have no problem being admitted to the schools you’ve listed and would be a strong applicant at Ivy League schools as well. I suggest you cast a wider net and also research which schools have prestigious / generous merit scholarships. You have good ECs, good test scores, and great class rank with what looks like a challenging curriculum. Good luck