Chances for Summer Session?

PA Resident
GPA UW: 3.25
GPA W: 3.5
SAT (1600): 1160

I’d put summer session as an option and apply undecided for your best shot. Also put an alternate starting campus if you are willing to start somewhere else. They won’t evaluate you for summer OR the alternate campus until they have determined you can’t get into UP fall. Then they go to summer. If you still can’t get in for summer, they will offer a branch campus.

My daughter had a 3.5 weighted and got in for summer, but it was borderline and some kids with similar GPA didn’t get in. She had a higher ACT score. No one can tell you exact chances. You aren’t a definite no - but you aren’t a sure thing either. You are on that bubble. But your BEST chance of getting UP campus is applying undecided (DUS) with a summer start option.