Chances for Vanderbilt w/ 30 ACT?

My top choice currently is Vanderbilt, but I’m unable to apply ED for financial reasons. I scored a 30 on my last ACT, and my GPA is a 3.9W/4.0W (we don’t do UW at my school). I’m aware my scores are not in the common range of a majority of Vandy applicants, but do I still have a fair chance? I know it’s hard without looking at my entire application; I’m just looking for honesty.

Vanderbilt has a 10% admission rate overall. Accounting for legacies, athletes, and other preferred students, the true admission rate might be as low as half that, or 5%. I point that out to say no one can be certain of being admitted to Vandy.

By all means, apply, but do so with full knowledge that even if your score was higher you might be denied. With that in mind. be certain to have some other options in mind.

To help give you a better idea of who gets accepted and who gets denied, here is a link to a thread about students who applied last year. Many of them post their stats. I hope that helps:

As you go through the pages, they will post who was accepted and who was denied.

Best of luck to you.

What ist the average ACT at your school?
What do you find especially appealing at Vandebilt?

Your ACT score is respectable, not top notch, but good enough that it wouldn’t be the reason you’re rejected if everything else is where it needs to be. Your GPA, unfortunately, probably isn’t where it should be. Vandy is going to be looking for something unweighted in that range, but you need the boost to get you those numbers. Take your shot, but make sure you have true matches and likely schools as well. The good news is that there are other colleges with that similar Vandy feel and vibe. Visit some. You have a great chance of being happy with wherever you end up.

From what I’ve heard it sounds like the average ACT I’d say is a 26. I’ve heard a majority of 24s for the most part. I visited in October and I just got that “feeling;” I love the location and I’m really interested in majoring in English + HOD.

According to the CDS, their 25th/75th percentiles are 33 and 35 respecively. You can expect most under 33 to be hooked in some way, most likely a legacy or recruited athlete.

You should give it a shot, but don’t become fixated on that one college. It is truly a high reach for most.

Vanderbilt loves high scores (33+). 31-32 = you’re in the bottom 25% as per their publication and CDS. 30 and below are likely recruited athletes. The ONLY exception I can think of is a " good neighbor" program with your school.

Lots of colleges have that effect upon people. :slight_smile:
If you can be more precise we can help out find reaches, matches, and likelies that match those characteristics.

Where in the world did you hear a lot of people got in with a 24? You are completely wrong about the average ACT being a 26.

I don’t want to sound rude here but last year the regular decision acceptance rate was 6.3% with a middle 50% ACT range of 33-36. You will not get into Vanderbilt if you apply regular decision.

I was replying to a previous comment about my high school’s average, not the university’s. The previous comment asked what my high school’s was - - maybe read the full text before you make a harsh comment.

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