<p>What are my chances of obtaining acceptance to Northeastern University?
I want to major in Psych at NEU
3.8 UW GPA
4.365 W GPA
SAT- 1790- (bad, I know) 600 math 630 reading 560 write</p>

<p>EC- President of Health Occupations Students of America- School Chapter
-Soccer- (9-11) varsity starter 10 and 11 tore ACL 12- Dream team 10 and 11- Seacoast United Premier Team
-Swimming 10-12
-Lacrosse 9-12- varsity starter 10-12 -Dream team 11 MVP 11
-NHS 11-12
-NTHS 11-12
-Freshmen Orientation squad- 10-12
-project SEARCH- (listen to speakers at the University of NH/ debate)
-NHIAA Scholar Athlete 12
-Poetry Out Loud Regional Finalist- 12
-Easily around 50+ hours of community service per year
-Lifeguard 11-12 (40+ hrs/ week)
-Tutor 10 ( 10 yrs week)
-Football ( Kicker 9-10) varsity 10 then injury- bad luck with injuries :/</p>

<p>Mostly all honors courses- currently enrolled in AP English, Calculus, Health Occupations 2 ( I'm interning with a local doctor), and honors Physics.
My essays rock (so says my English teachers) I don't believe SAT writing gave me justice.
Great recommendations from Economics and Honors English 3</p>

<p>Thanks for your input, I truly believe that I am paranoid about admissions</p>

<p>Your GPA is great. And your ECs are phenomenal. You really seem like that athletic yet intelligent type. I'd recommend re-taking the SAT. You're probably going to be accepted into Northeastern as of now, but if you can hit a 2000 on the SAT, you can even aim higher for schools such as BC (which has a wonderful psychology program).</p>

<p>You seem like an excellent applicant. If your really that worried you should switch over to NEU's behavioral neuroscience major. It's easier to get into NEU under that major because less people apply. Not mention it's a very distinct major when compared to a typical psychology major. NEU has an excellent behavioral neuroscience department.</p>