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@CCadmin_Sorin - I think it’s great that you allow exceptions to the username change due to privacy concerns. However, it appears that their old names are now saved for posterity in this thread. After each request, you respond with a reply tagging them with their old name.

I’m sorry to constantly bother the admins on here, but is there any way a change in username can happen for me? I described my situation above, but if it can not be done, I would like to know. Thank you.

Have a good day!

@CCadmin_Sorin I need your help to change my username, the site won’t let me log in anymore. It says f(g(x)) is an invalid username. Please help, thank you.

@“f(g(x))”, I’ve responded via PM.

@CCadmin_Sorin Hello, my username as of right now is freshcabbages and I made this account without thinking of privacy concerns. I posted a lot of personal information regarding my admission chances with my school data/academic information. This username is something I use regularly and I just now realized that I could be googled very easily. I am asking to see if there is any way I could get my username changed so as to not jeopardize my privacy. I am on the internet quite a bit with that username and it scares me for my posts on here to be linked to it. I am quite active on social media with an online presence and happen to encounter a few individuals here and there of which would be very concerning if they got my information. I hope you understand, and I sincerely apologize for any inconveniences this may cause. I know username changes are rare, however, I am desperate.
Please pm me if it is possible. Thank you very much.

@freshcabbages, I’ve responded via a PM.

@CCadmin_Sorin Hi, can I please change my username? When I made my account I chose to write my name, but i’d like to change it for privacy reasons. Thanks

@axsha715, I’ve responded via a PM.

@CCadmin_Sorin I’m also sorry but I forgot that I accidentally put a piece of personal information into my username and would it be possible to change my username? I just created this account today.

@kingsejong123, I’ve responded via a PM.

Just curious…when one signs up for a CC screenname…is there some huge red banner that says “choose your screenname wisely. It can’t be changed”.

Then they could give examples. Don’t use your name, don’t use personal information, don’t use something that you might regret later for any reason.

I feel for the admins who have to field these requests because screennames weren’t carefully considered when folks joined.

@thumper1 It’s a blue box, not a red banner, but yes, there is a pop-up to that effect. However, we’ve both been around long enough to cite examples form here and IRL where despite numerous “failsafe guidelines” a user still fails to follow directions. :slight_smile:

May I get my username changed to the correct spelling of the business university I attended. I would love to say it was “auto-correct” to proper Hawaiian, but it was just a miss.

@CSUFMahaloGrad, as per our rules, we do not change usernames on CC.

@CCadmin_Sorin could I potentially alter a part of my username please? I didn’t realize I would be unable to change it when I signed up and hastily made a username that could potentially be an identifier (and I’ve already posted some personal academic info) and am concerned about privacy. thank you!!

@panda522, as previously stated, we do not change usernames on CC.

@CCadmin_Sorin Hi sorry I just made my account today and was not thinking when I made my username. It has personal information in it. Even though it is jumbled around, I would like to change it to stay as anonymous as possible. Would it be possible to change my name? Thank You!

@IITRRUETEAKVI see post #35.

@CCadmin_Sorin I didn’t realize I would be unable to change the user name when I signed up and made a username that I normally use that has personal identifying information. I saw that you cannot change the user name but was wondering if I can change it a little to be more anonymous. Any help is much appreciated

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Hi! Can I change my nickname as well for the privacy issue?