Checklist for Parents of Incoming Freshmen?


Another tip: If roommate or classmate is very drunk, don’t take him to room, call ambulance, Alcohol poisoning is a real thing!

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  1. Financial package
  2. Housing
  3. Health insurance or insurance waiver
    After these four things, you will need to consider many questions that related to all of these particularly transportation, what stuff you might need to purchase for them or gather for them when they go to school etc. These tasks can be wildly fun so I hope you enjoy them with your student. They will never forget your involvement and stories about college will live on. This is a wonderful time to bond with your kid and to offer them support when they greatly need it even if they act like they don 't. It is hard stepping out into the world of a new school and all of us need a solid base- you are theirs. Have fun!

It is now some years ago for DD.
But was thinking maybe a separate thread for incoming international freshman from overseas might be useful. Post it here on Parents Forum or at the Internationals?