Chem and Math I Subject Tests

Hey everyone, I’m going to take the chemistry and math I Subject test in August and I’m scoring high on the math practice tests (770-780), but I can’t find proper study material for the chemistry test. Does anyone have good books/strategies/study material for SAT II Chemistry?

Also, might take both Bio E/M and Math II next year around May or June.

Then it’s probably a waste of time and money to take Math 1.

As for tips and strategies, did you do a search? The question has been asked many times.

@skieurope I looked. Y would I ask then?

@skieurope Y is it a waste of money to take a test I’m going to do well on. Makes no sense.

I have no idea; hence my question. I found a whole slew of past threads:

If a college requests/requires X number of Subject Tests, X+1 will not improve your application. In addition, there are Subject Tests that are duplicative, so the college will only consider one. e.g. Math 1 or Math 2, Spanish or Spanish with Listening, Bio E or Bio M as examples. And if you’re planning a STEM major, Math 2 is generally preferred over Math 1. has some online practice questions for the SAT subject test in chemistry.

If you will eventually take math level 2 (because you will complete precalculus and trigonometry by the end of 11th grade or earlier), then it is not really worth the trouble to take math level 1. Math level 1 is mainly for non-advanced-in-math students who will complete no higher than algebra 2 or equivalent by the end of 11th grade.

@skieurope So impressive that u did a google search and put a link onto ur comment???

Yes, Google is your friend. Which I would have thought would have been the first step of someone “aiming for selective schools like Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, MIT, Caltech.”

@skieurope Dude, anyone can do a google search, but, thanks for the threads.