Choosing Between University of Arizona and UT Austin: Dream School vs Almost Free School

I think you are going to be successful which ever path you take. Stallions will win the race no matter which track they run on. I am an IT recruiter. A resume with UT does get a second glance but someone running a successful business, has drive, experience at age 20 would also get a second glance. Some things to consider to stack the odds in your favor for the future. Connections with other students that are just as brilliant as you, potential smart spouse gene pool, and local surrounding tech industry. My daughter was just accepted into the Arts and Entertainment at UT. She is also struggling with this decision but it revolves around art schools near LA were her future career choice is located. Good luck you can’t go wrong either way.


In the University of Arizona Honors College (approximately 4000 students) the OP can also find smart students just like him and a smart spouse genetic pool, for $80,000 less. It almost feels like the smarter thing to do.


Go to UofA. It’s a good school and costs a heck of a lot less than UT Austin. UT Austin isn’t worth $80,000 more.


Checking this weeks later. Thanks for the encouragement, I really appreciate it! I’m actually working in Houston this summer because of networking and people recognizing this. There’s no question I’ll be successful and I am very confident in that. Toured UT today and still making a decision.

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Yeah I know a few at both schools (and other schools) I’ve been looking at in the meantime! Visiting has been enormously helpful. There’s no wrong path, only finding the best one!