Claremont McKenna Class of 2026 - Regular Decision

Claremont McKenna has updated their Regular Decision and EDII deadlines for Fall 2022 to January 10th!

Anyone applying? This is the spot to ask questions, swap stats, and share results.

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I applied!! Most underrated school ever.


Who here is doing the optional video?

I did, I think most people do submit it

Today D22 received an email from an admissions officer noting that she has not done an optional video response and was encouraged to submit the video response to enhance her application. Did anyone else receive a similar email?

That’s interesting if its from an admin officer directly then its a good sign!

Thank you. D22 did an interview earlier and decided not to submit an optional video at the time. Now, we are scrambling to record a video and upload later tonight.

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I also received this email a few days ago directly from my admissions officer! Hope it’s a good sign!

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Decisions are confirmed for Thursday, 24th at 5pm PT!


wow, this string is lively… decisions out for 10 min and no one posting…

D waitlisted for CS

WL for PPE
14 IB/AP
4 DE

DS rejected.

accepted! stats:
3.81 gpa/test optional

major: international relations

i also received a merit scholarship (10k per year for all four years)


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Congratulations. Which scholar community were you accepted into?

i’m a podlich scholar!