Class of 2022 National Merit Discussion - Scores Release

Stuyvesant High School in NY was unable to administer both the Oct and Jan PSAT, and they give about 150-160 semifinalists every year. NY has a total of approximately 1000 semifinalists every ear.

That would certainly make a difference

Same, my principal received a letter. I wonder, though, if they sent letters to students who met the Commended cutoff or only students who met their state’s semifinalist cutoff.

In September they will send letters to both Commended students and students who are semifinalists.

The letter that recently went to school principals went to those with students who scored 207 or above. As state cutoffs have not yet been determined, there’s no way to know into which bucket the listed students fall.

Are you sure they are requiring confirming tests this year? They didn’t last year and I don’t see it on the NMS page that they are bringing it back?

I am not sure, but that’s how things worked in the past (except for 2021 NMF).

I don’t think the website lists 2022 NMF requirements yet. Given the current Covid situation, it would seem reasonable to require a confirming SAT test.

The competition for our '22s started last fall so it wouldn’t be adjusted for the updated Covid situation. I looked up their requirements, here they are: It appears that confirming tests won’t be needed again, @blondednikes, so you don’t need to worry!


The 2022 program still has the confirming score requirement, as did the 2021 guide. They waived it for 2021 but I haven’t seen a similar announcement for the Class of 2022.

Page 8, item 6

take the SAT® or ACT® and earn scores that confirm the PSAT/NMSQT performance that resulted in Semifinalist standing; and

The guide you posted clearly requires a confirming ACT or SAT, see page 8, inset, item 6.

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Clear maybe to people who read beyond page 5! :joy:

Apologies @blondednikes! @Peruna1998 is here for you.

I always thought the confirming score was used to become a semifinalist? Here it is to become a finalist? Is this how it has always been?


(I guess I can’t confirm “always”, but certainly for many years)

Ohhh! So looking for it in the semifinalist requirements the past 2 years has been rather misguided! Lol, thanks!

Although confirming scores weren’t required for the Class of 2021, my son got a good score so he went ahead and submitted it with his finalist application. There were many cancelled tests in the Fall of his senior year, when most finalists would have taken an SAT/ACT for a confirming score, so it made sense for them to make it optional. I doubt that the Class of 2022 will face the same level of cancelled SAT/ACT tests this fall, so there should be few barriers to students getting confirming scores. Out of the 16,000 who make semifinalists, approx. 15,000 go on to be finalists. I’ve heard that the majority of the ones who don’t make the finalist cut are ones who didn’t complete their application or something like that.

If 207 is the commended threshold for 2022, does that mean the confirming ACT/SAT score needs to be at that 207 number for the finalist designation or at the student’s state threshold number, expected to be 214 in our state? Anyone heard if NM will be requiring the confirming ACT or SAT score, or if it will be skipped for this year like 2021? Not as hard to take a test, but not easy…we’ve still seen some cancellations and very few locations for testing in our area.

The instruction booklet for this years PSAT clearly stated that a confirming SAT or ACT will be required. Of course, that can change. But, as it stands, a confirming SAT or ACT is required per what has been published (see discussion above).

What I’ve read from knowledgeable sources say that yes, that year’s Commended cutoff is what is required for a confirming score. It’s not state-specific.

Requiring a confirming score is also not state-dependant. Other than the qualifying score, I’m not aware of anything else that varies by state.

As of now, the guidelines for this year’s competition say a confirming score is required, but it said that last year also. NMC will have to assess how available testing was/is/will be during the period for confirming scores (Fall 2019 through December 2021) and decide whether to again waive this requirement.