Class of 2022 National Merit Discussion - Scores Release

We received one in the mail about a week ago.

That would be nice but I highly doubt it. There is no upcoming awards night that I am aware of.

I asked the principal a couple days ago if the school had received the certificates and she said she didn’t remember receiving them. Maybe some are being mailed directly to the students? I’ll have to call National Merit to find out.

I will note that the “certificate” was a little underwhelming— only 5” x 8” on card stock with no glossy seal or anything. Maybe the principal overlooked it?


We haven’t received the certificate either. I guess the school may have it.

It seems likely that it was misplaced. I called National Merit and they told me that all the certificates were mailed on March 1st, and if our school lost ours they could let National Merit know and they will mail new certificates to the school.

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We finally got the certificate about a week ago. They must have run out of cheap white cardstock. The finalist one we got through the school a week earlier was better. But the school may have dressed that one up.