Class of 2023 National Merit discussion

Apply as soon as possible, and worry about the scholarships later.:slight_smile:


A bit about how the colleges know part: I was a national merit winner this past year. When you qualify for semifinalist, you are given access to a portal where you have to indicate the college that you want the scholarship to be sent to, if you end up winning. You can change this as much as you like until May 31st. Feel free to PM me if you want more info.

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"The Florida Schools no longer have the Benacquisto Scholarship for out of staters. Various schools do have scholarships for OOS Merit Scholars. (UF nothing, USF Full COA, UCF $20K a year for the 1st 40 applicants, FIU Full COA) "

Cmon, how can you forget FSU? LOL.

Florida State University’s Out-of-State National Merit Award scholarship package has a total value of approximately $71,776 distributed across four years. It includes a 100 percent out-of-state tuition waiver, a $12,000 Vires scholarship, and a $2000 NMSC stipend (if college sponsored). This scholarship also guarantees admission into FSU’s distinguished Honors Program.

My 3 kids also took advantage of the NMF program: 2 at USC and one at FSU. All have no debt and have received or are receiving great educations. Good luck to the 2023 Class!

This is the type of discussion that would be helpful to post on this thread rather than through PM.

Colleges will receive reports from NMSC about which students are finalists and which students listed that school as their first choice. My understanding is that, if a student is undecided or lists School B as their first choice, School A will not see that. School A will only see a list finalists and a list of students that indicated School A as their first choice. Please let me know if I am incorrect about what information schools receive.

“Cmon, how can you forget FSU” LOL Because I figured that was your area of expertise. :slight_smile: If one cold pull off their Presidential along with National Merit like yours did that would be pretty sweet.

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I think my D23 will be commended. She will submit her applications before September. Does anyone know if the universities will be notified or would she amend/supplement her applications if she is commended? Thanks!

Saw that Alabama’s Class of '23 National Merit Finalist scholarship is staying the same as in past years – glad to see them continuing to offer this. Tuition for five years, room for four years, plus $4k a year. NMSF scholarship staying the same as well, at $28k/year.

For those interested in USF: “Please check back on Friday, August 5th, 2022 for scholarship criteria for the incoming class of 2023.”

BIG sigh of relief when I saw that. I was worried this would be the year they changed it.

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Hi Vistajay. UCF does not know what their high school class of 2023 NM Scholar offer will be. Is it still possible to pull off the Presidential/ National Merit Scholarship at FSU and get close to or a full cost of Attendance? My D2023 will be NM and has a perfect 144/36 ACT, we assume Valedictorian etc. She has a very good chance to be the #1 Star Student in our state which would come with a $24K scholarship. We are wondering if FSU becomes a Full Cost scenario for her. I remember you said the Presidential is department specific. She would be Computer Engineering.

On FSU scholarship website you can see that NMF OOS gets her automatic OOS tuition waiver and $3,000 a year for Vires Scholarship, plus $500 a year for college sponsored NMF award. Presidential (competitive) gets her another $3500 a year at least, plus the website mentions a $3000 a year “Admissions Scholarship” that may be the same as Vires. Assuming she can’t get both Vires and Admissions Scholarships and using an in state full estimated COA of $23,790, her COA would be $16,790. If she was able to stack Vires and Admissions, then her COA is $13,790. You mention a $24,000 outside scholarship. FSU generally allows stacking of outside scholarships with merit awards. Assuming that $24,000 is a 4 year total, that brings her COA down to $7,790 - $10,790. Then you also have an additional $12,000 in summer funding with Presidential, that is something to consider. As always, I’d email scholarship or Presidential office to get an official answer.

Just found out that DD has a shiny and new counselor. Her counselor she has had all through high school was also my son’s counselor and we had developed a really good relationship over the years. I don’t know if the counselor fills out the recommendation for NMF or someone else does at the school but I’m a little concerned. She seemed really overwhelmed when I just talked to her about some schedule conflicts with DD’s senior year schedule. sigh

Every school wants as many NM Scholars as they can get for the prestige. She will be fine from that aspect. :slight_smile:

End of the August 5th workday, and USF hasn’t updated their class of '23 NMF support yet. I’ll try my best not to read too much into them missing their self-imposed deadline.

UCF has not either.

You might try reaching out to an admissions rep. I did that with Mizzou because they still hadn’t updated their scholarship page to reflect 2023 support. He got back to me the next day with the info.

I did reach out today to UT-Dallas – the scholarship my S23 would be most likely to take. A staff member with their NM Program told me that the budgets haven’t been finalized for the Class of 2023 scholars, but their expectation is that their scholarship will stay the same as 2022 (full tuition + $11k/year). Very happy to hear that.


USF pushed back its NMF announcement by more than a month: “Please check back on Monday, September 12th, 2023 (sic) for scholarship criteria for the incoming class of 2023.”