Class of 2026 UC General Discussion Thread

That’s wonderful! I’m glad to hear that worked out so well for your family!

Santa Clara often does this.

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Looking at the GPAs mentioned here, most of these students would get decent merit scholarship at arizona and arizona st making the coa comparable.


Does UC offer admitted student campus tour? I can only registered for UCD. We are planning a trip and would like to see UCSC, UCI.

UCSC offers admitted student tours but only a virtual admitted students day.

UCI Tours: Campus Tour | Office of Undergraduate Admissions | UCI

Visit the UCSC thread for more info on how UCSC is scheduling admitted student tours.

UCI has an admitted student day scheduled for April 16.

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UCSD came out! waitlisted, 4.18 UC GPA

I have an anecdote that I hope will be helpful to future applicants. Thrilled to report kid got in to UCLA (OOS)! Stats aren’t as perfect as some other posters (both accepted and rejected) and didn’t fly to moon or cure cancer, so I’m guessing PIQs helped. I’ve seen on CC in multiple places that UC adcoms advise taking a straightforward approach to answering PIQs rather than crafting a cute or clever essay. Thing is, kid didn’t know that when she wrote them, so all four of hers were very “packaged”. So I’m not certain about the idea of shying away from creative (essay-like) presentation if writing is a strength. Just something to think about. I’m glad I didn’t get the chance to pass along the advice about straightforward answers, because her true-to-herself clever little essays got her in.

Another minor data point - did get invited for Alumni scholarship. But I think this one’s getting less and less “astrological” each year.

Congrats to UC admits, and for those who haven’t gotten good news, remember that all your achievements have made you an amazing person. No matter what, you rock!


Since you mentioned PIQ’s in your post, here is some information from the UC Counselor conference about PIQ’s and hopefully it will be helpful for future applicants:

**How can students share their story?
As counselors and educators we want to help students find their own answers and then share their ‘voice’ in each response. In the Office of Admissions, we hope that students will share their life experiences with us in the UC application. We don’t want to limit their examples or impose a question on any student. It’s not about what we “want to hear” but instead on what the student wants to share, what they are comfortable sharing with a stranger in the admissions office.

Admissions readers are required to complete bias training every year. This means that a student can feel confident in sharing any topic with us, gender identity, substance abuse, learning disabilities, and more. We value the experience and what the student gained from the situation. We do not penalize a student for circumstances they lived through. Sharing their voice means that students talk to us in plain and direct manner.

Note the myth on the slide: “I have to respond to the questions in essay format”
This is false. Make note that the word essay is not a part of any PIQ webpage or worksheet. Style and structure are not a part of the review of a PIQ on any UC campus. Space is best allocated to content instead of an introduction paragraph or conclusion.

It is helpful if the student thinks of the PIQ’s as their interview with Admissions. If the student has never had a job, they have seen interviews online in social media and through public posts. Interviews ask direct questions which give insight into a persons accomplishments. Interviews share talents that a person can bring to the organization. The student should frame their response as they would an interview answer. Ask students to focus on the content and not the style of writing.
The formatting in the UC application is often lost in translation. Text size, font, and formatting will conform the UC campus requirement regardless of what the student tries to do in the PIQ section of the application. Students should avoid special characters as those will be deleted or defaulted to empty space when downloaded on the UC campus.

Context and clarity are key in each UC PIQ response. It is important to remember though, there are only 350 words per response, so students should only include the most relevant details that help us understand them. Then, it is crucial that the applicant include a self-reflection on those details. Why are they sharing THIS information? How has it impacted who they are today? Is this information listed somewhere else in the application? Is the student repeating information or enhancing what was shared elsewhere? This component of the response will provide the insight as to the significance of this information.**


Yes this is exactly the info I remember seeing when it was “too late” for my kid. I think in her case maybe treating them like mini-essays helped put voice in the foreground (along with content). Increased authenticity or whatever they call it these days (when the reader feels like they are getting to know the person as an individual). She certainly didn’t do introduction-body-conclusion or anything like that. Very conversational. But using form/structure to enhance function rather than just a monolithic paragraph word-drop. Thanks for posting the source info!

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S22 has all A’s this semester except for one D. Our school allows seniors to take one class pass/fail so he’d like to use this allowance on his class with the D. Would he lose his UC offers if they see a pass grade instead of a letter grade for one class? He was accepted as a humanities majors at UCD, UCI and UCSD and this class is AP Statistics, his one math class this year.

Is a D considered passing at his HS? Getting one C will not be a reason for rescinding, but a D will be an issue. The UC’s have encouraged all applicants to take courses for letter grades but one P/NP grade may not be issue but might require an explanation.

Yes, a D is considered a passing grade.

You might want to email UC admissions about your question. If it is a choice between a D or Pass, then definitely I would take the Pass.


It looks like UCSD has a “contract” that they want students to accept and it outlines what grades are needed to maintain their acceptance. I have to go back and read it, but I believe it says nothing lower than a “C” in a-g classes.

I think Davis also outlined the same, but I need to go back and check.

@Evie800 Here is some of the info I copied/pasted:


*Your admission to UC San Diego is conditional.

By accepting your Offer of Admission, you agree to satisfy the provisions listed below. Failure to satisfy these provisions may result in cancellation of your Offer of Admission.


  • Your senior year weighted grade point average (GPA) in all UC-approved “a-g” college preparatory courses must be at least 3.00.
  • You must receive a “C” or better in all UC-approved “a-g” college preparatory courses taken in your senior year.
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All UC’s have a provisional admission contract spelling out what is needed to maintain your admission.

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@citymom1 and @Gumbymom I really appreciate you clarifying this!

S22 is in full-on panic right now but has put his head down and is studying hard. He has 2 months to pull up his grade so fingers crossed this won’t end up being a problem. I think he just became lax when he decided he could use his pass/fail for this class, not realizing it actually mattered and he needed to have a grade. It is an a-g course.

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Glad to be of any help! He can do it - just needs to buckle down! Wishing him all the best!


Apologies in advance because I’m sure this has been addressed somewhere, but does it “help” anyone (i.e. “move the waitlist”) if my student goes into the portals and declines acceptances at UCs sooner than later?