Classes Advice- am I taking on too much?

I’m a rising junior, and my school has been pushing out scheduling forms recently. I’,m really conflicted about which classes to take. Currently, my 10th grade schedule looks like this:
AP Lang
AP Word History
AP Biology
Chemistry Honors
Algebra 2 Honors
Spanish 3 Honors

I’m thinking of my junior year looking like this:
AP Chemistry OR AP Physics 1
AP Literature
AP Seminar
AP US History
AP Psychology

I’m a very driven person about 90% of the time, and I’m sure I can do extremely well in AP Psychology and AP Seminar, at least. I’m mostly conflicted on whether or not I should take AP chem or AP physics 1. Has anyone on here taken AP physics 1 without a calculus class and done decently (90+ unweighted)? I genuinely don’t enjoy chemistry, and I feel like I’m going to drown in AP Chem unless i have a really good teacher.


I would push physics off to senior year although you don’t need calc for physics I.

I would also encourage you to consider taking a 4th year of french instead of seminar or psych.

You should continue foreign language junior year.

if you don’t like chemistry you can take an honors not an AP science like biotechnolgy, forensics, marine biology, etc and take AP Physics senior year.

Why not take Spanish 4 (or AP if level 4 is AP at your school) next year and leave AP psychology for senior year?

I have the option to take Spanish 4 over the summer

I would take AP Physics 1 to complete the expectation of all three sciences. Physics 1 is algebra-based, so not having Calc isn’t an issue. You’ll then have exposure to both Chem and Physics so can select from AP Chem or Physics C based on which interest you more.

Especially if you don’t like your current Chem class.

Certainly finish a 4th year of a language before AP Psych. If you get that done over the summer, then Psych as an elective is fine.

Everything else also looks fine to me.