CMU vs Caltech - CS

also cmu has more honorable mentions than caltech in putnam


CMU is more focused on Putnam because of Prof. Po-Shen Loh, who is, BTW, a Caltech graduate, and who has done a superb job as head of US IMO team for the last few years.

are you saying that CMU isnt as rigorous as caltech

cmu is ranked higher in engineering and CS than caltech

You need to take a look at the Caltech catalog.

k thanks

Here’s what’s on page 270 of that catalog:

CS Option Requirements

  1. CS fundamentals. CS 1; CS 2; CS 4; CS 11,
  2. Intermediate CS. CS 21; CS 24; CS 38.
  3. CS Project Sequence. One of the following:
    a. An undergraduate thesis (CS 80abc) supervised by a CS
    faculty member.
    b. A project in computer science, mentored by the student’s
    academic adviser or a sponsoring faculty member. The
    sequence must extend at least two quarters and total at
    least 18 units of CS 81abc.
    c. Any of the following three-quarter sequences. Each of the
    sequences is expected to be available (nearly) yearly.
    i. Databases: CS/IDS 121, CS 122, CS 123.
    ii. A graphics project class (CS 174, CS 176, or CS
    ACM 177 b) as well as two other CS 17x courses.
    iii. sLearning & Vision: At least three courses chosen
    from EE/CNS/CS 148, CMS/CS/CNS/EE/IDS 155,
    CS/CNS/EE 156 ab, IDS/ACM/CS 157, ACM/CS/EE/
    IDS 158, CS/CNS/EE/IDS 159, CNS/Bi/EE/CS/NB 186,
    CNS/Bi/Ph/CS/NB 187, Ec/ACM/CS 112, including at least
    one of 148, 156 b, 159, or 186.
    iv. Networking & Distributed Systems: CS 141, CS/EE
    145, or EE/CS 147 combined with two courses chosen from
    CS/IDS 142, CS/EE/IDS 143, and CMS/CS/EE/IDS 144.
    v. Quantum & Molecular Computing: At least three
    courses chosen from BE/CS/CNS/Bi 191 ab, BE/CS
    196 ab, ChE 130, Ph/CS 219 abc.
    vi. Robotics: At least three courses chosen from ME 115 ab,
    ME/CS/EE 133 B, ME/CS/EE 134, EE/CNS/CS 148,
    CNS/Bi/EE/CS/NB 186.
  4. Advanced CS. A total of 72 CS units that are not applied to
    requirements 1 or 2 above, and that either (i) are numbered CS
    114 and above or (ii) are in satisfaction of requirement 3 above.
    Included in these units must be at least one of CS 122, CS 124,
    CMS/CS/IDS 139, CS/IDS 142, CS/EE/IDS 143, CS/IDS 150 a,
    or CS 151.
  5. Mathematical fundamentals. Ma 2/102; Ma 3/103; Ma/CS 6a or
    Ma 121a.
  6. Communication fundamentals. SEC 10, and one of SEC 11-13.
  7. Scientific core electives. 18 units selected from the following
    courses: Bi 8, Bi 9, Ch 21 abc, Ch 24, Ch 25, Ch 41 abc, Ph 2
    abc, or Ph 12 abc. Advanced 100+ courses in Ay, Bi, BE, Ch,
    CNS, Ge, MedE, or Ph with strong scientific component can be
    used to satisfy this requirement with approval from the option
  8. Breadth. In addition to all of the above requirements, 36 units in
    Ma, ACM, or CS; 18 units in EAS or Ma; and 9 units not labeled
    PE, PVA or SA

The CS tracks are listed in requirement 3c.

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@Publius1776 did u choose caltech or cmu