College Board Error on June 6, 2015 SAT?

^ I guess within the next 48 hours.

Sometimes it gets messy to do what is right. No one ever said doing the right thing is easy. (In this case, the right thing is to cancel the scores because of how much uncertainty and offer testing date in August/September).

UPDATE: The College Board posted an update saying that the affected sections of the test will not be scored.


What about those who were doing the math section with 25 minutes when it was suppose to be 20

In test:
Hmm, I felt like I did well on the last 3 sections. That’s great!

Goes home:
-oh wait a misprint and posts all over CollegeConfidential…oh, no…it’s a nation-wide problem-

Aaaaaaaand there goes my scores. Gg. Thanks a lot, Collegeboard. Please learn to proofread on a a test with sections upon sections about proofreading.

Let us all complain to College Board and demand for free retake! This is an asinine decision.

How will this even provide us with an accurate representation of our scores?! There were always 3 sections to provide some sort of balance to students! Taking out an entire section is going to screw some students up completely! I’m very shocked because I called the college board yesterday and they told me that they were more than likely going to give an optional retest on June 20. I wonder what made this dramatic change! I’m extremely disappointed in the way the college board handled this. Now the students who felt they did well on reading are going to be punished more severely because there’s going to be a smaller margin for error!

I don’t think their statement is adequate. The statement seems to indicate that only one section won’t be scored. But the FAQ section below the statement talks about reliability “even with an additional unscored section.” Does this mean one unscored for some and two unscored for others?

We could all do a massive cancellation of our scores, because of how illegitmate they have become.

I am beyond surprised with that decision. I am also ecstatic. Good luck to all of you anticipating scores

Can anyone confirm - will both sections 8 and 9 be invalidated for everyone, or just the specific one that was messed up for each individual?

Would its cancellation be beneficial or destructive to our scores? I felt confident throughout the test, and now I’m anxious.

@DNuge98 Destructive, if your math is messed up, it’s probably -1 is 680.

@jackrabbit14 I think they are not scoring both sections 8 and 9 for everyone.

So, now I assume 8 sections will have the same total as 10 sections from before, so each question will weigh more. Then I assume an error now will reduce your grade much more than before. Right?

They have decide to throw out the 2 sections:

“After a comprehensive review and statistical analysis, the College Board and ETS have determined that the affected sections will not be scored, and that we will still be able to provide reliable scores for all students who took the SAT on June 6. We expect to deliver scores within the usual time frame”

@BenzeneRings that’s what I was thinking… >_<…

It will most likely be easier to get a perfect score (obviously less room for error) but more challenging to get a high 700. Critical reading may not have its generous raw score conversion anymore. I’m quite satisfied. I spent months studying for this; I was not ready for that to have been all for nothing.

Well crap…that’s extremely annoying and a real bummer.

@BenzeneRings Nooooo!!! Why will -1 be 680? This was supposed to be my daughter’s second and last time to take the SAT. She had a bad day last time and her math score was her lowest (710). She felt very good with her math sections this time and was hoping to increase her score. She also only got 20 minutes. This is just crazy!!