College Board Error on June 6, 2015 SAT?

@dennis052798 Thanks. It seems that my responses to your posts are showing up in a wrong order!!
DD is very strong in math, so she was hoping for a perfect math score this time.

Can someone tell me what subjects (topics, eg, geometry, passage-reading) are sections 8 and 9? I assume one is math and the other is reading. Last time, she missed 2 in passage-based reading and all errors in geometry, which is very surprising to me.
DD left the country yesterday for a 5-week trip, so I can’t reach her until tomorrow afternoon.

@BenzeneRings What do you mean by retake on June 20th. Is this a voluntary retake for those who want to take it again, but they still going to grade the one from Sat?

What would you say is the new math projected curve?
-0 800
-1 770
-2 740
-3 710
-4 690
-5 670

For CR it was the Easter Island dual passage. For Math some major ones were the questions like surface area of a given pyramid and a question on what is a when the minimum of a parabola is 5.

I think they should have the optional retake after the scores are released. Those who felt they were cheated (of the 5 5 minutes/lack of 5 minutes) can choose to take it again. If I’m correct, the scores will be released after the 20th.

@lonetreegrad I called SAT and tried to clear up the confusion with their announcement. The guy who answered me, appeared to be reading from a script, and told me there will probably be a retake on June 20th. When I pressed for more information, he tried to refer me to Escalated services, but I declined the offer. Someone previously in this thread mentioned, they were told yesterday that there would be a probable retake on June 20th, so it appears to be part of a script.

i called them as well and they gave a generic response. The guy said the first collegeboard press release word for word. And it was not until further inquiry that he told me that both sections8 and 9 will be scored. And that they are still figuring things out so this solution is not guaranteed.

will not be scored*

How is this fair? What if a student missed a total of like 5 questions on the first 2 sections of math but missed 0 on the section that’s being taken out. Then that would mean they would no longer be able to get at least a 700(i believe 5 or 6 is the max u can miss and still get 700) but instead they will end up getting 670 or lower. Now there’s around a 30 point decrease in the scores for just 1 part of the SAT.

I think they are in CYA (Cover Your A**) mode. They are making it sound like they are SO proactive with their test design that entire sections aren’t needed. Please… They don’t want to offer another test (too expensive) and they want this to go away as quickly as possible (too embarrassing). Who cares about the kids and their scores? If people are unhappy, they have no choice but to PAY to take it again. I really wish more schools would go test optional. I would love for them to release the scores and then offer another test in a few weeks, which won’t happen. And what about students who were thrown and didn’t do well on the last section?

I’m just begging for /some/ parent or student to bring this to Good Morning America or some other big media network, bahahhaahhaahha. CB thinks they can cover their asses by providing supposedly fair scores even though they’re taking out 2 entire sections. Bull. All bull.

I say we all call/e-mail CollegeBoard demanding optional retake. Better yet, for those who are courageous enough, contact your local media, because it is clear CB is trying to just sweep this under the rug.
EDIT: There is a Washington Post article on this! Share it with your friends, family, hopefully word will spread!

I think standardize testing is necessary, but should instead be offer by the universities themselves, as is done in many European countries. This goes to show the dangers when so much monopolistic control by a corporation is given in such a critical sector of our nation such as education.

Thanks @Chrysanthemum14
@BenzeneRings Thanks for the information. A retake of June 20th will not work for my DD. She will be traveling until July 8th! I am pretty sure a lot of kids will not be available on that day. Oh well, we just have to wait and see.

@lonetreegrad I think it is best for CB to offer retake in August/September. The ACT has a test in September, why not CB?

Yeah this is really unfair. These scores aren’t reliable anymore. If a student did good on those cancelled sections and not as good on the previous sections, they’re looking at around a 30 point decrease. Seriously we should all protest. This is an outrage.

@BenzeneRings Can you post the link for the Washington Post Article please? Thanks.

I am still in shock. I saw the release two hours ago yet I am still staring at the original message. I do not understand why our scores should suffer for their erroneous timing instructions. Like canon said, this is an outrage.

I would have prefered the mandatory retake ugh

@Canon7130 I did a few pages ago, but here it is again:

Spread the Word! Contact big media and small, it will break eventually!

@Chrysanthemum14 I recently called them and they said that they are still trying to figure it out. But I am not sure if this was just a generic college board answer or an accurate one. Hopefully we get to retake it though. But I have to say the vocabulary questions were fairly easy lol.