College Board Error on June 6, 2015 SAT?

Incredible, isn’t it – how College Board doesn’t hesitate to take our $50 to take a silly test they claim to be a measure of our intellect…and still fails to do the one job it takes responsibility for!!! Good job, ETS =D>

Can’t we all just file a class-action lawsuit against them for this nightmare? Either that, or we must all start demanding a refund if College Board seriously deems scrapping the scores for the screwed-up section a legitimate response.

I don’t even understand what’s going on here, because my test booklet didn’t even have any times listed for the sections; my proctor just told me how many minutes, I reset my watch to 12:00, and did my damn work.

And I felt like I did so well, too… :frowning:

Oops I just realized they’re simply invalidating those sections.
OK that’s fine, I hope. Although it only makes wrong answers give you a larger penalty.

But if they invalidate the sections, how can they release accurate scores? There’s no way they can do that, unless ETS invents some sort of time machine…but judging by their incompetence, I reckon that’s not gonna happen anytime soon :confused:

Yes, it’s an inaccurate score and there’s a chance colleges will look at the June 6 SAT with skeptical eyes, but deal with it.

(But it looks like this time I wouldn’t score the 2300 I would have gotten. Stupid me for omitting zero answers.)

I don’t think that they are really paying attention to the current test. They know it’s going away. There are still kids whose May 2015 tests are being held up… College board doesn’t know what they are doing. DS also took a version of the new PSAT last month. They are supposed to use his score from last October to see how the new PSAT score compares to his old score. However they had all kinds of computer server issues…They need to step back and NOT do the new PSAT/SAT until they get their act together. I also think a class action suit will come. I bet each student gets a couple of dollars back and some lawyers get millions.

When a test can have such a profound impact on one’s future, there simply can’t be any room for such huge mistakes. Mistakes are becoming habitual for CB now for a extremely important test, which is unacceptable.

Do you think those sections will be invalidated for all test takers or just those that have standard time? I have a condition that allows me to have extra time and I was wondering if you think mine would be invalidated as well

How dare the Collegeboard mess up like this… Absolutely absurd. They take our 50 dollars and make a test that tries to screw with our minds and test our intelligence and now they just screw themselves over. Does this small misprint really need to become such a national issue? Good for the people who got 25 minutes. I don’t care. I took properly with 20 minutes like it should have been. I did extremely well on that reading section. And now they’re canceling my math section also which also went extremely well. But I messed up on my free response 25 minute. And now the scale for math is going to,be -1 750. I hate the SAT makers so much.

My cousin studied like a true scholar for this exam. The fact that CB can not find a better solution than this is a major issue. Her score could be significantly lowered from what it would have been with the allotted amount of time. My opinion: keep the sections and just grade people accordingly. Having an extra 5 minutes or not really does not matter if you know your stuff.

“Having an extra 5 minutes or not really does not matter if you know your stuff.”

There is no perfect solution, which is the big problem…the above statement doesn’t help the kids who thought they had 25 minutes, and then paced themselves accordingly, only to have someone come into the class, 19 minutes into the section, and tell them they needed to finish in a minute. This was my daughter and she had three questions still to finish, thinking she had six minutes left. This completely threw her off.

I think the outrage is interesting. Everyone makes a mistake once in a while. Best thing is to identify a workable solution and roll with it. If one of you perfect people has a proof to show that your new score is significantly less valid than any of the other scores the College Board generates, it would be interesting.

Everyone that took the SAT should have known that the erroneous 25 minute section should have only been 20 minutes. The back of the test booklet clearly breaks down the number of sections by time limit, and everyone was told to read the back of the test booklet. So its simple math that when you get to the last three sections, after seven 25 minute sections, that the remaining sections should be either 20 or 10 minutes. Saying that you thought that you had 25 minutes, and only having 20, is due to your negligence.

Not saying that CB is off the hook, but that excuse shouldn’t fly.

The problem is the proctor said they had 25 minutes, then 19 minutes later it was changed to 20.

What I think is not fair is all those students, like mine, who took the test in a room where the proctor gave them the CORRECT time - 20 min. Why should they be penalized for other people’s errors?

@msdarcy I feel the same. My room got the correct 20 minutes.

Give everybody 100% on the last 2 sections. Done. Everyone’s happy.

If you call it unfair… Well… getting high test scores doesn’t matter in highly selective school admissions but too low of scores can be a red flag. You’d rather have us red-flagged than considered?

@msdarcy if all the students who got 20 minutes got together and declared war on the CB, we could try them as war criminals (collective punishment) :))

I agree. There were plenty of kids who had the correct amount of time. When I called College Board, they said they were just going to divide up the test-takers into those who had 20 minutes and those who had 25 minutes for the sections in question, and grade each group. They told me the proctors are required to report each student who received extra time, so they could identify who got extra time and who didn’t. I don’t understand why they didn’t do that. They could look at the distribution of scorers in each group to ensure the distribution is normal as well. What they have proposed is really unfair to those who took the test with the correct amount of time. It means that the margin for error is far less than usual because mistakes in the earlier sections are weighted more heavily. CB should be required to identify those who received extra time and given the normal scores to those who took the test normally, and offer a retake to those who didn’t.

whatever. I think I did badly on those two sections anyway. Good for me fhat they’re not scoring those.

I did so well in the math section that they are not going to score.
So is this the final answer for this mistake? They will not score section 8 and 9?