College Board Error on June 6, 2015 SAT?

The problem is the proctor said they had 25 minutes, then 19 minutes later it was changed to 20.

What I think is not fair is all those students, like mine, who took the test in a room where the proctor gave them the CORRECT time - 20 min. Why should they be penalized for other people’s errors?

@msdarcy I feel the same. My room got the correct 20 minutes.

Give everybody 100% on the last 2 sections. Done. Everyone’s happy.

If you call it unfair… Well… getting high test scores doesn’t matter in highly selective school admissions but too low of scores can be a red flag. You’d rather have us red-flagged than considered?

@msdarcy if all the students who got 20 minutes got together and declared war on the CB, we could try them as war criminals (collective punishment) :))

I agree. There were plenty of kids who had the correct amount of time. When I called College Board, they said they were just going to divide up the test-takers into those who had 20 minutes and those who had 25 minutes for the sections in question, and grade each group. They told me the proctors are required to report each student who received extra time, so they could identify who got extra time and who didn’t. I don’t understand why they didn’t do that. They could look at the distribution of scorers in each group to ensure the distribution is normal as well. What they have proposed is really unfair to those who took the test with the correct amount of time. It means that the margin for error is far less than usual because mistakes in the earlier sections are weighted more heavily. CB should be required to identify those who received extra time and given the normal scores to those who took the test normally, and offer a retake to those who didn’t.

whatever. I think I did badly on those two sections anyway. Good for me fhat they’re not scoring those.

I did so well in the math section that they are not going to score.
So is this the final answer for this mistake? They will not score section 8 and 9?

The amount of questions which they seem to be accounting for on the June 6th exam is exactly the same amount of questions given on the PSAT(for math and critical reading) Critical Reading 48 questions, Math 38. Going by the exam my kid had, 8 was a math section and 9 was CR.

For those who had the timing print error in the reading section: Do you remember what type of questions they were? Was there a double passage comparison? Were the questions harder than the other reading sections?

Greetings from India!
Just curious if this only took place in the US or other countries too?
and also does this affect everyone who gave the test or only those who gave the one with the error in it?

I believe it was just in the US, and it is going to affect all US test takers.

An even bigger issue, and the reason why I am personally indignant, is that some test centers didn’t experience this issue. When I took the test, I simply relied on my proctor to tell me how much time each section was going to be. This means that, unlike the other testing centers, I did not experience this issue…but CB is still going to scrap my test section, for nothing…and what about the people who DID take it for 20 minutes like me? What, their scores are getting scrapped too just because of College Board’s f*** up?

Of course colleges are going to look upon this with skeptical eyes–they may not explicitly tell us, but they likely will.

Why is an ENTIRE section getting thrown out just because of the LAST 5 MINUTES…

I want my $50 back and a free retake in the Fall, because if I don’t get this from College Board imma start up a class action suit. This is unacceptable, they are messing with people’s futures here.

Seems like it annenguyen19…I felt like I did extremely well too, the questions were nowhere near as hard as the practice ones I took from Princeton and Barron’s. All those hours of work flawed because of 5 minutes…thanks College Board THANKS THANKS THANKS <:-P

ETS just sent out an email this morning, the affected sections won’t be graded. Does that mean they will take into account the experimental sections when grading?

The SAT is ostensibly a measure of our intelligence, but it seems to me that it’s a more accurate measure of College Board’s incompetence.

Don’t even bother calling their customer support and complaining to them; I’m sure they’ve coached their call representatives on how to deal with this situation; they all get standard scripts to use when dealing with callers, so it’s not likely for them to provide us with concrete answers.

MY SOLUTION: provide everyone who took the test that day a free retake sometime within the next few months (and not in October) as well as with a refund for this mishap; some people planned to take the Subject tests during the Fall, but now they can’t if they want to retake the SAT (which they likely will need to, since colleges will not want to accept spurious scores).

I dunno. I didn’t have an experimental section for some reason (maybe because it was testing with accomodations?), I only had 9 sections and my 9th section was Writing…:frowning:

what is going to happen? if 8 and 9 is omitted, wont 1 wrong now equal like 4-5 wrong?

I just emailed a couple of the colleges that my son may apply to. I ask them if they would be treating the June SAT scores the same or if my son should retake the test to validate his scores…

what did they say?