College Decisions Releasing Today

Georgetown released

Me trying to keep up with all the decisions today


Does anybody know anything about Syracuse or Duke?

Hi. I just wanted to inform you that Wesleyan University Decisions are most likely dropping today. They posted it on their IG account.

CMU decision came already

I think Syracuse already came out.

Who releases tommorow ?

Isn’t Duke suppose to come out on Ivy day?

Traditionally yes, but this year Ivy day has been postponed to April 6th, but Duke said they were releasing sometime in “Late March” so this has caused some confusion among Duke applicants lol

Ah, I see.

Who releases tommorow.


Vanderbilt will at 5 pm CST

Will there be polls today?

Yes! We will create them for schools over the weekend too.


Not all…

My D got a UNC decision last Fri. She applied to the music program, so I don’t know if it varies from program to program.

any releasing today, March 30th?

USC and Tufts