College is a step up from HS: 16 Tips on doing well in College

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I told mine to have a solid question to ask during office hours, not just ‘this is hard’ or ‘how can I do better.’ The idea is to show some savvy. Later, when there’s subjective grading, it helps if the prof thinks you’re on the mark, have been engaged with the material.

And, sit up front. Profs know why kids sit in the back .

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A good article to read on this topic:

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RATE MY PROFESSOR. This website is golden. Do not even think about signing-up for classes until you’ve carefully examined the prof in charge of each section. The capabilities, talent, and fairness of professors have an extreme amount of variation.


My friend was mocking me because I’ve built two ideal schedules for my freshman fall semester.

Go on and laugh man but when i register for classes on Friday I will be sooo ready.

Thanks for the 16 points; very useful.

These are good recommendations! Thanks!

Thanks I’m going to college soon and I’m going to use these tips thanks:)

Also here is an article on how HS is different than college:

This gives notes on how to read books/textbooks:

What you mean by read the chapters? What if the chapters are long? Skim it through?

No I mean actually read the chapters of the textbook. If they are long…you still need to know the information.

wasn’t there a book posted, how to get straight A’s in college somewhere? I might want to order if anyone recalls the book I am referring to

@rofikicafe “How to become a straight A student: The unconventional strategies real college students use to score high while studying less” by Cal Newport.

Be sure to check your Student Life and Services handbook to see what clubs and free activities are available for you. Also, be sure to take advantage of Teachers Assistants when you are struggling with homework and projects.

Excellent suggestions,but I do have an issue with #11.

Life does require some socializing balance and perspective, even for entering freshman students. Sports and musical groups are just two outlets that I found useful as a first year student. The exercise actually helps learning and can be the nucleus of a student support group. Positive support networks, not drunken party bashes, are a necessary part of education for most students.

Yes, demanding colleges are usually a step up in work habits even for the “A” student so be ready for it.

True, @retiredfarmer …the key is “too much time” of course. When people start thinking that the fraternity or sorority or sports team is more important than academics for too long a period of time.

This might seem like a dumb question, but why avoid anything other than academics at first? If you can balance yourseflf well, isn’t it important to let loose once in a while and really relax?

There are some people that get really into clubs or work or sports to the exclusion of academics. If you can handle both, you are probably not here looking for help :slight_smile: Everything in moderation