College Suggestions in the West at $33K annual budget after merit

@JBSeattle: I was not suggesting you consider the UC’s and I remember your initial college search with your other daughter whom was looking at SDSU and a couple of CA schools at the time. Best of luck with your next student. I can tell you that my son’s friends did have a good experience at the University of La Verne so hopefully it will be an option.

Yes Gumbymom, I was kind of adding that for other folks as you said UC’s came in cheaper for you as a CA resident.
Also, good memory!
My other Daughter is going to be starting her Junior year at Western Washington in a few weeks,


Humboldt is a WUE school if she really wants a California school.

She is not stuck on CA but yeah the WUE schools are all on the radar including Humboldt St. I think Boise St, Univ of Utah, Oregon St, New Mexico St, Univ of New Mexico and the Cal States under Wue are worth considering.

Not WUE but she does not want to apply to Cal Poly SLO as was not a big fan when we visited (stopped by while visiting a friend) and does not want to be locked in major wise. My older one applied there and did not get in but we know a few kids who have attended and say good things.