Colleges and Unis with Cognitive Science major

Do you have an idea of how is Vassar Univeristy in other aspects. And should I consider it a match or a reach?

Need blind- means your finances are not considered when you are evaluated for admission. That does NOT mean the financial package is going to be affordable for your family! That’s called “meets full need”, and there are only two handfuls of schools which meet full need for internationals.

You need to understand how college financing works in the US before you get too far down this road. There are lots of colleges which are need blind for admission, give VERY generous aid (to domestic students) which are generally unaffordable for internationals who are not full pay.

I’m sure in your own country there are differentials between what citizens pay and non-citizens pay for university…

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adding to blossom’s info…There are 5 US colleges that are need blind for international students: H, Y, P, MIT, and Amherst. All of the rest will know how much aid each international applicant needs when making the admissions decisions.

Sorry - i just read the rest of the emails and this was stated - but i can’t figure out how to delete…so don’t read this one…

Need blind refers to admissions - meaning some schools may reject you for needing too much.

Now you have to connect that to meets full need, etc. For example, a university that promises to meet need but is not need blind, may reject you based on how much you need.

The disconnect for you will be that you are international. It’s not many schools on the list. Call each one and ask.

They may not consider your need in admitting you - but if you are international you may be subject to different aid guidelines.