Colleges With Brutal Workload

<p>A lot of workload in college depends on the major. My niece had a brutal workload at Penn State in engineering!</p>

<p>I like what Ghostbuster has to say. Everybody needs to think long term, but most are just thinking acceptance letters and first semester freshman. I do not think that the OP is necessarily in for a rude awakening, but just meant that at any top school, most of the students really are doing the work, so just because you also do the work, it does not guarantee high grades. Also, college classes can be boring. The instructors often do not feel the need to entertain and cajole and relate the way that high school teachers do. So "challenging" may sometimes seem more like "hard and tedious".</p>

<p>Oscar: No. Of course not. But a lot of them are. And a lot of them become professors. Some taught me and my spouse and some are teaching my kids now. LOL.</p>

<p>But by definition, unless the PhD is in the sciences and those students head into the private sector at a Pharmaceutical company or similar outfit, they end up teaching, working for the government (ugh!), or doing "research" at a non profit in some cubicle or library.</p>

<p>Also, not all nerds are anti social. Some are rather humorous and highly social. I had some of them as professors as well and so have my kids.</p>

<p>The economy is driving a LOT of kids to apply for fellowships, graduate school and professional schools....whether or not they are well suited for those careers. Beats the unemployment line and it can help them delay their student loan repayments temporarily.</p>

<p>Finally, work load is relative. Some kids thrive in heavy work loads and can take 6 course at once. Some kids can barely keep up with three courses. Everyone is different (and learns differently.) </p>

<p>If it were easy and every had all the answers we would just call it "winning" instead of "pursuit of happiness" and "taking risk" and "facing challenges" etc.</p>

<p>If you're willing to craft your own difficult schedule (as in, you'll schedule tough classes on your own), Brown's a great choice. If you need more structure, though, Chicago, Case, Olin, Swat all seem to be good choices.</p>