Colleges with opportunities in musical theater for vocal music major

<p>Rice did Little Night Music as their spring "opera" this year. Cast with VP majors, mostly grad and some undergrad. Since it was the spring opera, no one outside of the music school could be cast. Rice has other productions done outside the music school but the VP majors are not generally in them. Studio permission is required for any performance outside the music school and it is not often given.</p>

<p>Thanks Singersmom07 for that info. Little Night Music must have been a great show at Rice. Any thoughts on Northwestern and Carnegie Mellon regarding performances between voice majors and theater? I assume that because they both have theater programs those productions are not open to voice majors. I have not inquired at either school yet. Also any info regarding this at Penn State, Loyola NO and Duquesne would be helpful.</p>