Colorado College Early Action / Early Decision for Fall 2023 Admission

My son was accepted. He attends a very rigorous small school that doesn’t offer AP or rank.
-3.7 GPA
-Didn’t submit scores
-Consistent volunteer work around a cause he’s passionate about
-3 varsity sports- captain senior year
-Works part-time
-Unable to get an interview, but connected with an admissions rep during a campus event and an evening all-city event with 2 other colleges
-Essay was strong and suspect his recommendations were good based on the relationships he has with his teacher and guidance counselor.

It’s a combination of both, actually.

ED gives you an edge that it sounds like you may need.

Dd had 3.97 unweighted, 4.5 weighted
Didn’t submit scores
4 APs, 3 Dual Enrollments
Spent 10th & 11th grades on virtual school as a homeschooler (not very rigorous)
Significant ongoing involvement with volunteering including leadership positions in religious leadership group (VP), President of NEHS, Created non-profit to send care packages to sick children with the same autoimmune disorder
Volunteered for 2020 Presidential campaign
Volunteered as an art camp counselor
Student mentor ~ Big Brother Big Sister
Works as a costumed character and face painter @ children’s Bday parties, and babysits
:white_check_mark: essay that really spoke to the points CC was looking for from the video on their website
Great recommendations

Here are my stats, I understand my GPA isn’t the best and I didn’t really challenge myself with more AP classes, but I couldn’t really afford the courses. I was wondering if anybody can help as I just wanna get a general idea of where I land for admission.

  • Asian
  • New York City
  • 95.28 weighted
  • 2 APs and rest mostly honors
  • My school doesn’t do class rank (class of 70 if that matters)
  • Test-Optional
  • National Honor Society, Rho Kappa National History Society, and getting principal list every year in my school
  • Strong ECs including president for 2 clubs, being a Chinese cultural and traditional advocate for an outside organization, being a chairperson for my HS’s student government, 4 years in my HS and outside softball team (Captain for both teams senior year), and owning a small business for 3 years and working as a tutor, babysitter, and sales associate/ cashier.
  • I do believe my essay is good but again that’s from my own perspective lol
  • I’m a need-base student and applying for financial aid (EFC: $0)

I did a virtual information session and was interactive with the conversation and asking questions so hoping the admission officer remembers me. I also did put their name in my supplemental essay so I’m not sure if that helps or not. I do plan on doing an interview whenever they open up more spots.

I haven’t decided whether I want to ED2 to Northeastern instead. Which school do you think I have a better shot at?

My son was thrilled to get in, and judging by some of the stats I see here, I can see why.

He has a 3.98 UW GPA/4.8 W
Lots of AP (8?)/honors courses at large public HS in Maryland
Debate team
Dungeons & Dragons club president
Summer camp counselor
Good essays
Presumably good recs (though we have not seen them)
Didn’t submit scores

I think your chances are good, and if you really want to go I’d apply ED2.

Was ED1 notification on a rolling basis or was it on that specific date? Do you think it’ll be the same for ED2?

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Decisions are released on a specific date. My son applied EA. CC emailed a few days before to alert him that the decision would be posted to the portal on the 19th at 4:00 PM.

Thank you so much!! I just switched my RD to ED2 so I’m hoping for the best!!


My student was deferred.
IB diploma
4.25 weighted gpa
32 ACT
4 year varsity athlete and captain senior year
Leadership roles in multiple clubs
Works at a restaurant
Social Justice volunteer work

hey! i was wondering if anyone did the small group information session and is able to describe how it went. I just registered for one and just wanted an idea whether the meeting felt personal or the answers and information was general and pre-written.

D23 was accepted EA.

3.93 UW/4.25 W
IB Diploma Candidate
Small private school that doesn’t rank
34 ACT
3 sport varsity athlete (not recruited); 3 sport captain; will graduate with 13 varsity letters
Chamber choir
School musical
Part time job
LORs - I’m guessing they were solid but can’t say for sure.
Solid essays but that’s subjective

This was on a specific date in December. My student was accepted but having 2nd thoughts and I am so stressed, as feel it would be a good place especially after a gap year.

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Hi, did anyone apply to CC using the common app? I applied ED2 and added other recommenders through the common app and my portal just added another FAQ section saying that if I wanna submit a LOR, I would need it to be emailed. I was wondering if they receive those letters from Common App as I’m now afraid since decisions come out in 2 days.