Columbia GS Fall 2022 Early/Regular Decision Thread

Hmm, well at least were all waiting together. Havent seen any regular decision acceptances yet. Only people ive seen get decisions were people who applied by Mar 1

Hang in there! Will let you guys know if I hear anything.

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Nothing again lol I think they tossed out all the applications that werent submitted by March 1st ■■■■■

I’m curious what’s the acceptance statistics for the regular decision, if it’s the same as for the early decision folks


Hey guys, I wanted to give you some info because I understand the wait is scary. I applied April 18th and I just got my acceptance letter via email and the portal. Good luck to you all.

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Still nothing. Im assuming i just got denied

Just got in!


Don’t manifest any bad thoughts. If we’ll get our updates on the 7th, it doesn’t mean that we are automatically getting a rejection, right?

No, but everyone who heard today got in so im assuming its a no for everyone else

I know i sound like a neg nancy but its just weird nothing for me. Did you hear back today?

I waited until a midnight walk to read my decision, to have some privacy as I reflect on it, but the website is currently down. Cruel world.

Hopefully, I can read it tomorrow morning.

Nope, I’m not, waiting and stress sweating here with you lol If I’m not getting in this time I’ll reapply for the spring, can’t let the dream down you know :sweat_smile:

(GS21 alumni and current SIPA student) Not really. In past threads and other forums, people who got rejected got a rejection letter, so don’t lose hope as there is no quota per se at GS. My girlfriend is applying, and we are awaiting her results as she applied on the 16th due to some delay with her test scores.


Forgot to mention that if they are refreshing the website it is a sign that decisions are coming out this upcoming week in waves.

I just accessed it. Admitted. Speechless.


Congratulations! Celebrate it out for your fellows in-waiting :hugs:

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I also got in!

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Congrats! Have you just received the decision this morning? Still nothing for me and my application completed early April.

Did anyone happen to call them yet? I was ok but now im a nervous wreck lol

Tried to, but GS admissions have restricted their calls to landlines number only - To everyone calling from a cellphone or skype (internationally) and hearing that you cannot call them from your country. Will keep trying to see if from now on everything will be rolling basis until the 7th