Community Bathrooms?<<what to do

<p>Its true- the same dorm floor is close enough-
women living in the same house will also coordinate cycles.
it won't happen every time- but in our house with three women it happens often.
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<p>Do guys usually shave at the sinks or in the shower or what?</p>

<p>it probobly isnt as likely at college as girls on the pill dont coordinate, they simply go during the sugarpill week.</p>

<p>"Do guys usually shave at the sinks or in the shower or what?"</p>

<p>Shave, brush teeth, comb hair, burst pimples, etc. or anything else you need to do in front of a mirror at the sink. Just be sure to clean the sink when you're through. Clean your stinky b*tt and the crud between your toes in the shower. Bring a can of Lysol Spray Disinfectant with you if you have hygiene issues. </p>

<p>A bathrobe and/or swimming trunks or other appropriate underwear and flip flops are appropriate to wear to a community bathroom. Some people wear a bath towel. It's all good...just don't streak in the hallway.</p>

<p>It really isn't a big deal. Don't you people share a bathroom at home with siblings? Trust me, you don't have anything special that anyone else will stare at. And the community b/r is a good place to meet people. Just don't try to shake hands with someone who is handling his/her business...</p>

<p>"coordinated cycles" is my new favorite vocabulary word. I would hate to be the housekeeping person around that time of the month!</p>

<p>Coordinated periods happens a lot. 4 women in my house. Stepdad isn't here much one week a month :) All through high school too, I'd notice that about 2 back to back weeks out of the month all the girls would deal with it at some point, during those two weeks.</p>

<p>Ya make this sound so difficult. I went to boarding school in the 9th grade and we actually had like gym showers. One big space with shower heads all around. We washed in swimming trunks and just "reached down and around there" when we needed to wash that spot. But most colleges have the privilege of indiv stalls though. Just do the same thing, come in in your swimming trunks, drop trow in the shower. Put your swimming trunks on and you are done.</p>

<p>thats good to hear.</p>

<p>I just dont want to shower in a circle shower with a bunch of dude sweat and dirt around.</p>

<p>It is common for people to shower with clothes on in cummunity showers at dorms during college from what I was told.</p>

<p>My HS had community open showers and NOBODY EVER wore a stitch. You would have been mocked forever.</p>

<p>I'm fairly conscious about not wanting to change in front of other people... the two years that I shared a room, I was able to change in the bathroom or in the walk-in-closet (we put curtains up to make a changing area). I usually took my clothes to the bathroom. </p>

<p>By the end of the year, everyone walks up and down the hall in towels. According to a guy friend, the men on his hall eventually walked to the shower sporting a washcloth.</p>

<p>what if you're on a co-ed floor. do girls still walk around in bathrobes.. i guess they're pretty long bathrobes then?</p>

<p>Depends on how self-conscious your coed floor is! I live on a coed floor and happily walk to the shower with my towel wrapped around me.</p>

<p>I guess, though, that my bathroom is only shared by 5 other people. It's easy to walk around half-naked when you only live with 5 other people; I guess it would be a little harder if there were, say, 30.</p>

<p>in my dorm the bathrooms were coed except the single sex halls. i was randomly put on the women's hall, but i used bathrooms on both our hall and coed halls at various times. it's weird for like 2 weeks and then everyone gets over it. our bathrooms had 4 toilet stalls, 4 shower stalls, and 4 sinks. the showers had little changing rooms with curtains before entering the general bathroom area. i'm very self conscious of my body, but i would go to/from the shower in a terrycloth bathrobe without a problem. (except one time i forgot my dorm key and got locked out and had to go to the housing office 2 floors down in my bathrobe to get back in - that sucked)</p>

<p>you'd be hard pressed to find a college with communal showers these days. </p>

<p>i didn't have a roommate, so i didn't have to worry about changing in front of others, but most of my friends did. some would change in the bathroom, some would just change out in the open, some would change behind their closet door, everyone understands everyone else needs privacy and allows space when needed. talk to your roommate(s) from the get go and set some ground rules if you're uncomfortable.</p>

<p>Who cares? It's nothing none of you haven't ever seen before. There might be a glance everyone once in awhile, but those kind of things happen. It's not like the other person is checking you out and critiquing your body. You will stand out MORE if you are so uptight about it and try to watch everyone to make sure they are not looking at you. Don't worry, I think you'll get used to it after while.</p>

<p>Its all a part of growing up.</p>

<p>damn, all the girls getting their period at the same time. there's a weapon of mass destruction. but in a way, it seems more civilized. it would be better if all women were that way at once. We could just stay home and watch movies for a few nights a month, then go out with you with the safety of knowing your *****iness is all personality not biology.</p>

<p>If you're really embarassed about changing in from of your roommate, just take some boxers to the shower with you. As a guy, a single pair of boxers is really all I need to feel secure, around guys or girls. Actually, this is the sensible thing for any guy to do. It's bad enough your roommate has to LIVE in the same room as you, a total stranger, you shouldn't burden him further with the sight of your dick, especially after taking a shower. </p>

<p>BTW, even if you skipped over all that, this is funny. Read post #10 on page 1 and you'll see how the poster got his name. I laughed a lot at it.</p>

<p>Wow y'all have such different opinions...</p>

<p>Really, I don't want to see guys changing in front of me. That's because I'll get turned on (most likely). Which I would rather not have unless there is an end to the means. So, guys, think about your audience before you start strutting the halls showing off your muscles.</p>

<p>I'm guessing you're gay, right? No, seriously.</p>

<p>This thread is weird.</p>