Concerned & Worried Parent

The friend is not her roommate. It’s not her roommates dad who gave her the gift. Someone made this leap upthread and others repeated it but it’s not the situation.


Ok, well, my most of the rest of my advice still stands. WHOEVER the person/friend is whose dad is being the creeper, the OP’s daughter should tell THAT person (i.e., creeper’s kid, who she’s friends with) what Creeper Dad is doing.

This is predatory behavior. We don’t know much about details but the secrecy and also telling the young woman about the value are both suspect. An action does not have to be illegal to merit reporting to a dean and campus security, since this man may repeat this behavior in the future.

My kid felt a lot safer with her dean and campus security aware and they provided a lot of reassurance that she could access help.


“* if his phone # is on your DD’s phone, then block his # from her phone.”
I would not block him, but not to respond to his contacts. By not blocking him, the daughter will get evidences of his harassment. We were advised by a professional when D1 was stalked. We were also told to not file an order of protection because D1 would have to list all places she frequented and she would have been giving out more information. She did inform her work place security guards about the stalker. D1 locked down all of her social medias so he couldn’t find out where she was going to be at.
This is worth a read. You kind of wondered where were those kids’ parents.


As someone who works in a university setting, I cannot advise strongly enough how helpful a good Dean of Students office can be. They can document the problem, ban the guy from campus, and advise the student on next steps. The earlier you speak to them, the more useful they can be.

And a related point: At every college, there exists tutoring and academic support. Many of the students will never use it, but it’s there in case someone needs it. Well, the same is true for those who struggle with social issues. Some students will be happy to take care of things on they’re own, but some will want and need the extra support. That’s one of the reasons we pay so much tuition - to support our kids when they need it most.


Agree, know your resources and use them. Told our '22 this and keep saying it.

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