Connecticut College Class of 2027 Official Thread

Sorry to hear that - our experience was completely different. We went on a Sunday and didn’t do a tour, just walked around on our own. Campus was lively, and we ended up at a basketball game, which was packed. Maybe students were studying for midterms when you were there? Also, I’m not sure where you heard that classes were canceled for 2 weeks, but based on the Facebook parents group, my understanding is that it was far less than that.

Just got waitlisted. Intl student with 1420 SAT and 4 GPA (a/c to IEE). Karate Black Belt, Scouts Volunteer, Mental Health Advocate, Recommendations from UChicago grad and UK business owner, and 7k EFC.

Conn is my #1 choice. I’d do anything to get off the waitlist. Any advice for me?

What is the current turmoil? Thank you.

If you look about five posts above the letter from the Board explains it a bit. I believe the school newspaper has also been covering it.

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Same here. I also just got waitlisted. International student. 1460 SAT with soccer, volunteering, farming, coding and playing games. I have already submitted the waitlist form. Anu advice on anything else I could do? And should I send a letter of continued interest eve if they didn’t ask for it?

Sorry to hear you didn’t have a good experience on your tour at Connecticut College.

My daughter is a freshman and is loving her experience at Conn. The campus has always been active and full of students when I have visited.


What did you answer to “which university are you planning to attend?”

I put Connecticut college. What did you put?

Dammit! I put a different school I was accepted to, NJIT.

I thought the question meant what are you currently planning to attend, or what will you attend if rejected by Conn

What’s your major btw?

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I also thought the same but I have been rejected by 10 schools, so Connecticut is looking like my best option.

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Computer Science. You?

Me too. Don’t have any other option.


They cancelled for a week, then many faculty allowed options for remote or in class. As a parent, I was thankful they supported the students in whatever way they needed. So many kids were hunkered down, working on balancing the protest, midterms, and their typical activities. If it truly is their choice and it is not cost prohibitive, I would suggest attending an accepted students day or trying to get in contact with current students to get a better idea of life there. I think you would find that a more typical weekend would be entirely different, especially in nice weather.


Here is current coverage of the pros test of the President in Inside Higher Education. One quote from it mentions, “We’ve never had a protest that’s brought all three of these groups together—staff, faculty and students. The fact that all three are behind this particular cause is important to underscore,” said Afshan Jafar, a professor and the chair of the sociology department.”

If the link doesn’t work it’s easy to search for the college in Inside Higher Education:

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My kiddo is a current freshman & absolutely loving the school. Adores the profs ( regularly has coffee with a couple of them). Profs are always available. They’ve been exceptionally helpful wirh my kids accommodations (academic & otherwise). The kids only boycotted a week of classes (although the protests ran a few weeks). And profs were accomodating for students who both did & didnt want to attend classes. I think this change will be healthy for the school as demonstrated bybthe faculty agreeing with the students. My kid couldn’t be happier that she chose Conn (Over Vassar, Trinity, F&M, Haverford).


My freshman son, too! That’s too bad they had a disappointing tour. We had such a good tour that itbreally helped firm up my kiddos decision to attend.