Considering getting Masters in Information Technology Online. What School?

As the title states. I am looking to get a masters in Information Technology through an online degree program. I graduated with a major in Risk Management and Insurance in 2013, but am now looking to transition into a more technical career field and feel that a major would help me.

The two schools that I am currently looking at are Grantham University and Bellevue University. Both schools are extremely affordable at $1,000-$1,500 a class.
My question is will it harm me that these a regional schools? Should I look at a bigger name school?
Does the program have to be ABET accredited to hold any weight?

These are just two of the schools I came across doing my research. If anyone has any suggestions I would love to hear.

Thanks in advance!

Same! I am on the same boat as you. I’ve been having second thoughts of doing online classes instead of attending the real campus. I’m just not sure what colleges are offering online courses. Could you assist me with a list please?

I would go to a bigger name school for sure if you’re going to pay $1000-1500 per class. At least go to a state flagship school. Many offer in-state tuition for online students.

@Temple90 @AnonymousTuxedo I don’t know much about programs in Information Technology, but here are 20 other schools to consider
I’m currently in a fully-online program at San Jose State University, but for a Master’s in Library and Information Science, so my input would only be useful in regard to studying in an online environment in general.
From my understanding, ABET accreditation is more crucial for straight-up engineering programs, though certain employers may prefer or require graduates from an ABET accredited program (such as federal or overseas/foreign). As for going for a bigger name school, it may help with a first job or making contacts with alumni, etc. but as with most jobs in tech, work experience is a big factor. As with looking at any school, evaluate what type of internships are offered, and what types of jobs their recent grads are in.
Good luck on your search.

Please help me I need to study