Cornell RD Class of 2022 Applicant Thread

Applied for Cornell’s Engineering Physics program

@SuperGymnast_04 Just submitted yesterday lol
I’m from Canada and I also visited the school this summer :slight_smile:
Don’t be too nervous haha we still have quite a few months to go ahhhh~ I’m sure you’re very capable of getting in so dw dw

@yayaylearner that’s so cool your international! good luck to both of us (and everybody on this thread!)

@SuperGymnast_04 For sure!! I am actually so excited for March lol but it is soo far away

I submitted my application early December but I still have to finish up my essay… whoops

Hey everyone! Applied to A&S as a prospective Psychology major! Cornell’s program in cognitive sciences is AMAZING so i’m hoping for the best! good luck to all

The deadline is at 11:59pm on 1/2 right

Applied to CoE Comp Sci! Cant wait till March lol (Applicant from India)

@bigbrewer299 yes it is

I am applying! So nervous

Hi everyone. I was accepted ED but came across this video that you might find useful

I applied RD to Arts and Sciences! I have lowkey low-ish stats but I’m legacy and good ECs! fingers crossed

any art history majors out here?

@elizf2299 I’m doing bio but plan on double majoring in art history!

BTW, is anyone submitting a resume? I’ve been looking through a bunch of threads and almost everyone says it’s unnecessary and can be “annoying” to the adcoms since most of it is an elaboration on what’s already under activities so idk what to do…

My D did submit her resume, @ChubbyPanda . Even though it does have her activities on it, there is room for more details about them. Plus there are other things, too. I would make sure it’s only a 1-2 page resume, though. No more than that.

@Winky1 Thanks! The resume I have is about 3 pages. Would you think it’s a good idea to cut it down to just elaborating on a few of the more important activities?

I do think that’s best. I know my D has a 1 page and 2 page version. The 2 page version is really 1.5 pages. I almost think just a 1 page resume is best.

got deferred ED, but applying as a Human Development major

I’m not happy with my supplement. and it’s already 9pm est and 3am in my country. How long can I delay my supplement submission before it’s becoming a setback in the application?

@Adel291 They’re going to want your supplement by 11:59 PM EST