Cornell RD Class of 2023 Discussion Thread

I know it’s not an Ivy-worthy issue but my son decided very late in the game to apply to Cornell. He had not taken the SAT II subject tests and only today realized (after submitting his application through the common app) that Cornell Arts and Sciences requires 2 SAT II tests. So he can’t really take them until April or May now. Did we just flush $80 away? Would it do any good to call Cornell Admissions and explain the situation? We know he screwed up - just wondering if there is any hope he can still be considered.

@Kajaet Unfortunately, you may have flushed $80. Unlike some schools that indicate SAT 2 scores are “recommended” or “requested,” Cornell does say they are required. Maybe someone is aware of some students being admitted without them, and they can chime in. One option would be to call, as you suggest. Obviously they won’t refund the $80, but you could at least learn whether or not they will seriously entertain his application. Another option would be to switch the application to another major at Cornell that does not require subject tests (some do not). Obviously this only works if there is a similar area of study that interests him. I suspect Cornell would be willing to make that change for him, if such a comparable option exists. Best of luck!

@kajaet - I know of a student who was offered a spring admission a few cycles ago because she hadn’t realized she needed the subject tests. The offer was contingent on her taking the two subject tests with some minimum score (not sure what that number was). She was an extremely strong candidate with a major hook so I’m not sure if that was an exception or something the college regular offers.

@altmusicman and @momofsenior1 Thank you for your responses. He will call and explain his mess up and see where he ends up. Unfortunately, I think the writing supplement was his best work yet but very targeted to a specific major. Without re-writing, It will be an awkward fit in other colleges so He’ll have to decide how bad he wants this.

@CCTA334 I am doing A&S for the statistics major

@CCTA334 Also applying to Arts & Sciences, for the physics major.

Hey all! I’m currently mentally preparing myself to write the 650-word essay… :slight_smile:

@orc222 Sorry for the late reply lol. I took the Math II and Chem for my subject tests. I got a 740 and 750 on them respectively.

Please rate my essay any feedback would be great.
International student.
it’s a letter to myself in the future to my young self.

Dear Young Krish,

I’m writing to inform you that you have succeeded.

I remember how it all began. In broad daylight, a dark black suitcase hangs beside a struggling lawyer, Jimmy McGill aka Saul Goodman. A charming, impatient man prepared to bend the rules to help people. As Breaking Bad’s crooked lawyer, he was an easy way for the show to move beyond money laundering. But for us, the show was more than just money. Perhaps, we already knew all we needed from our commerce-related internships. No, as a young 14-year old, our path changed before our eyes.

Cornell. History or ‘His story’ as I liked to call it. Law.

You, or I guess we, became obsessed(in that exact order). Looking for “Legal Studies” books in the library was a thrill; exploring law through former lawyers and local firms and reading articles on Gamble v. United States and Brown v. Board of Education, proved to be infatuating. But if I’m honest, our interest began long before my 2016 binge-watching of the Breaking Bad prequel. It began when we were studying Indian civics. With full scores and a textbook our head was constantly buried in, the social sciences always spoke to us, just like Cornell did.

Despite your inability to pursue law or even a humanities stream in high school due to lack of choice, the work you did in commerce has been invaluable. You tenaciously found connections between commerce and law - viewing your business classes as classes in persuasion. And the case studies you became entangled within entrepreneurship were merely lessons in interpreting facts. The history courses you took from Harvard University kept your mind curious about the world around you.

With some of the best departments in country for historical study and top-rated faculty, including professors Glenn Altschuler and lecturer Jason Glenn, our knowledge on empires, colonialism and historical geography flourished at the Cornell College of Arts and Sciences through courses like HIST 3542: The Ottoman Empire 1800-1922 and HIST 4460: Strategy in World War II.

Remember that time when everybody struggled with that Climate change chapter?
We inevitably managed to breeze through it and went on to pursue a minor in Climate Change at Cornell.

Because of your hard work, I am writing to you as a practicing lawyer. While I certainly don’t bend the rules like Saul, I do manage to help a few people here and there.

Best regards,

Krish Sapru, J.D.

@collegebound326 Might be better if you PM your essay instead of posting it publicly, for your privacy :slight_smile:

I’ll be happy to send my thoughts soon via PM

Applied Cornell RD after deferred from Penn ED. What other schools have you guys gotten into//applying to? I have gotten into Bing UMass Penn State Michigan state and Albany. Still waiting for UVA and UNC. I also applied to Georgia Tech and USC RD.

What would you guys say are the words that come to your mind when you hear “Cornell”?

Finally submitted my application today :slight_smile: I’m applying to ILR, and don’t have spectacular stats, but they aren’t absolutely abysmal- just meh. Cornell is one of my top choices, and I was already accepted to my state schools (UofA and ASU) and the University of Notre Dame! Very excited to see what comes of the agonizing wait ahead :slight_smile:

How significant of a disadvantage is it if I only submit 1 SAT subject test for A&S? On their website, it says they would still consider an applicant but just wondering.

I applied ED ILR and got deferred. So far I’ve gotten into Arizona, IU Kelley, Wisconsin, and Michigan

I also applied to UVA,UNC,UCLA, Villanova and Emory

stats? I also got deferred from ILR. @shayshack

Can someone please explain to me the differences between CALS and CAS?! ASAP

@hannah1789 I can’t find the CC thread right now, but as I understand it, CALS is better if you are positive about what you want to go into. CAS lets you explore more—it has a more liberal arts base.

@hannah1789 check out this Youtube link. She is a senior. She explained the difference between two programs. Around 10:10