could anyone tell me more about the medical schools at USF and UCF?

My daughter is looking into undergrad in Florida for next year and plans on a pre-med track. We have tours planned at USF and UCF currently for undergrad. If she ended up at one of these schools, does anyone have experience or knowledge of the two medical colleges affiliated with them? Not that she would have to stay at one of those for medical school but there are certain advantages obviously.

All medical schools in Florida are good schools. To get admitted to a med school you just need High GPA and High Mcat, attend a UG school that has medical school will give you a slight advantage over other schools, but not very much. At the best, your research or shadowing may be more easily be verified when it is performed at the same school. However, no matter how much medical ECs you’ve done will not overcome bad GPA and Mcat.

Choose a UG that is most fit in your D’s personal preference and live style. A happy student will perform better in a school she likes.

I only know a bit about UCF’s, not USF’s. UCF has a brand new medical school. Very beautiful with all the bells and whistles everyone is looking for. It’s about a 20minute drive from the main campus. Everyone that visited was very impressed, but that’s all I know

When medical students apply for residency, USMLE Step 1 score become important play.

As a class, average score for UF is 230, for UMiami 233, for UCF 244. Highest in the nation is Mayo Clinic 245.

UCF is doing something right.

doesn’t USF also have the combined UG/Med program?


Since that data is not publicly reported, what’s your source for average USMLE scores?

UF is my alma mater. I work with UM students every day. My daughter goes to UCF.

UCF Step 2 CK for last year’s graduating class was 251, national average was 242. Their National Board Subject Exams after each clinical rotation is consistently higher than national average.

This is an interesting study on their students.
This is a study done by a UCF third year medical student using his classmates as cohorts.