Covid vaccines roll outs in your state or location

Lumen field in Seattle allows walk-ins of 12to 15 yo today. Accompanied by parents of course. Today is a slow day, only expected 1400 but it will be 8,000 Saturday. They are recruiting pediatric doctors as vaccinators.


CVS is taking appointments in NY, but the New York State sites and Walgreens still say that 12-15 are ineligible.

We have a CVS appointment, but it’s 45 minutes away. I drove that distance for me and for my D21, but I really thought that with the abundance of vaccines in our area now, we wouldn’t have to do that. Maybe closer appointments will open tomorrow!

UW Medicine said they will start taking appointments tomorrow. They also do walk in at 4 public health sites: their own at mont lake, NW, Harborview and north king county. I think everything will be open for 12-15 starting tomorrow.

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Colorado said they’ll do about 1400 vaccines on Thur and Fri for 12-15 year olds, but then are having a clinic for 8000 on Saturday and as many as they can after that. There were a few clinics in schools when 16-18 yr olds were eligible (on weekends, with parents of course).

I’m sure they’ll be clinics all over the state, but this is the vaccine that has to be super cold, so they are really limited to the places that have freezers. I wish the J&J would expand its age groups.

I live in Ohio and DeWine has done a couple of things. First he has indicated that by now anyone over 18 who wants the vaccine has had an opportunity to get the vaccine. The Phizer vaccine will be available to all 12-17 years olds starting today. Starting in 3 weeks all health orders accept those pertaining to senior and assisted living facilities will be lifted. Any business can have their own policies and people can decide themselves if they want to mask, social distance etc. Finally, as an incentive to get vaccinated they will have drawings starting next Wednesday for all Ohioan who have had at least one vaccine. Once lucky winner each week for 5 weeks will win $1M. They will have a separate drawing I believe in 3 weeks for those aged 12 - 17 to win a 4 year college scholarship which includes tuition, fee, room and board and books to any Ohio public university. I can actually see this working with a particular demographic. Many who I know who have not been vaccinated are lower SES individuals who have no problem occasionally playing the lottery. It will be interesting.


States get graded on their response to the pandemic:

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The grading is described as such:

Yes… of course it is in the link… :slight_smile:

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Now California is giving gift card incentives to get vaccinated. If you’re already vaccinated, you’re automatically eligible for cash prizes. And apparently the state knows if you’ve had it:

COVID-19 vaccines are tracked in the California Immunization Registry (CAIR). Incentive cards and other cash prizes will be awarded based on those records.


I love all the incentives for vaccination- raffles for free trips, sports tickets, scholarships, even the dating apps are offering incentives, I am told. It should help.


What is the incentive on a dating app?

I did not win the million dollar draw in Ohio this week. Four more chances. :wink: The winner was a 22ish (?) year old recent engineer graduate. She got the call from Gov DeWine while driving the expressway home to her parents home.


I read it is something about one’s profile being moved to the top

@abasket the girl who won went to high school with my niece. When I saw her age and where she went to high school, I texted my sister to see if my niece knew her since they graduated the same year. Yep, she knows her. Needless to say, my niece is quite envious!


So far, at least the following states have been offering lottery prizes to those who have been vaccinated: OH, MD, NY, CO, CA, MN.

Apparently, the idea is that attaching a positive lottery to vaccination is more incentive to some people than avoiding the negative lottery one continues to play by not getting vaccinated.

You can add OR to the lottery list.

Apparently the vaccine rollout locally for ages 12+ has gone well. I haven’t paid much attention, but county stats currently shows an 81% vaccination rate for all residents including age 12+, 84% if the numbers are restricted to ages 16+. These numbers are drawn from the statewide CAIR database. If that doesn’t get us locally to herd immunity levels , I don’t know what will. (That’s assuming everyone who has their first dose follows through with dose #2 - currently we are at about 68% of the population for fully vaccinated). Positivity rate is currently down to 0.5%.

It’s nice to know the state of California has entered me automatically into a lottery, but it looks like there is a lot of competition. Statewide first-dose vaccination rate seems to be about the same as locally – Vaccination progress data - Coronavirus COVID-19 Response

Group Population % fully vaccinated % partially vaccinated % not (yet?) vaccinated
All ~34,000,000 51.4% 12.7% 35.9%
12-17 3,155,091 10.4% 20.5% 69.2%
18-49 16,895,929 48.3% 11.9% 39.8%
50-64 7,247,925 63.8% 12.1% 24.1%
65+ 6,638,152 65.3% 12.0% 22.7%
VEM 1 8,700,223 41.2% 12.4% 46.5%
VEM 2 8,407,551 48.3% 12.8% 39.0%
VEM 3 8,129,050 53.6% 12.3% 64.6%
VEM 4 8,037,679 64.6% 13.4% 22.0%
American Indian or Alaska Native 147,960 36.3% 11.3% 52.4%
Asian American 4,450,067 68.1% 13.8% 18.1%
Black 1,947,627 34.2% 8.0% 57.9%
Latino 13,365,960 33.9% 9.9% 56.2%
Multi-Race 947,731 24.0% 3.4% 72.6%
Native Hawaiian and other Pacific Islander 122,022 75.0% 19.5% 5.5%
Other Race ? ? ? ?
Unknown ? ? ? ?
White 12,955,730 50.5% 9.8% 39.7%

? = No number or percentage shown, or unable to get from the chart.
VEM = vaccine equity metric quartile, related to healthy places index (HPI). Generally correlates to SES of the area (1 = lowest SES, 4 = highest SES).

Vaccination rate was also high for the 18+ age group until a month or two ago. We haven’t yet hit the resistence level for the 12-18 age group. A higher proportion in that age group is likely to be receptive to vaccination (and even more of them persuadable) than their adult counterparts. Incentives seem to work well with that age group.