<p>Well sometimes the good guys win too !!!....congratulations. Tough choices.</p>

<p>Berurah--------what wonderful news. :):):):)</p>

<p>Call JHU and see if they will fly him down-----tell them you are looking at Duke and JHU.
JHU is the FIRST research University in the U.S, #1 in Public Health, and the #1 Hospital.
I would definitely think about this is an amazing opportunity. When you think medical research, you think JHU.</p>

<p>LOL I think "crikey" is a way cool word! Congratulations, this is so exciting! JHU is an amazing place. I have been studying them carefully as they also have an awesome program for adults entering college for the first time, and, have to say, of all of the schools and programs I've evaluated so far, JHU's programs and opportunities impress me the most. Obviously, your son's interests will be very different than mine (or anyone else's) but exciting...</p>

<p>Wow, Berurah!!
Nice problem to have!!! I agree with chocoholic-- See if they will fly your son down to JH for a visit. When will you hear from Duke re: fin aid?? I'd call the fin aid people at Duke and present your situation TODAY, and see if you can fax your tax forms to them as well. You might be surprised to find that they might match JH, or come close (though this is a HUGE scholarship, so hard to tell). I know someone who did this with Stanford, and ended up with a full ride to Stanford for her s.
Keep us posted!! And will you hve to repaint the basketball pole again???</p>

<p>Berurah, if your son is interested in the medical sciences, neuroscience, biomed engineering, English, writing, then JHU is the best place for him. Congratulations, again!!!!</p>

<p>JHU is a great school. They also have much better lacrosse. :)</p>

Many congratulations!!! I totally agree that JHU would be the best place for your S. My mother (a pediatrician) got her MPH in maternal and child care and then did an educational tour of teaching hospitals including JHU to study infectious diseases and this was back in the late 40s!
Good luck!</p>

<p>wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they like him, they really really like him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!</p>


<p>I feel so utterly honored to be the recipient of your FIRST post! :) He is SO glad to be liked, to be REALLY liked! <em>lol</em> ~berurah</p>

<p>Wow, Berurah, so happy for your talented son. Great to have to make these kinds of difficult decisions!</p>

<p>CONGRATS!!! Sounds like with your son's interests, JHU would be a PERFECT place since it really loves its BMEs and Pre-meds (and who the Lord loveth, He chastenith, as the Good Book tells us). Think of the internships and research opportunities at the best medical institution in the world - great achievement getting the Hodgson's Trust!!!!!!!!!!.</p>

<p>For S, major undecided, JHU was not the best fit, he won't be attending. He was more interested in taking classes at Peabody than he was in BME or pre-med. For your son, it might be just the ticket - I agree with the advice to grab a cheap flight to BWI and visit.</p>

<p>Congratulations, Berurah! I always thought that Johns Hopkins sounded perfect for your son, and I'm so glad they recognize it too. :)</p>


<p>Congratulations.. Does this mean I get an I told you so/ as babhy your faith is running on all cylinders. You need to bottle it:)</p>

<p>Listen, guys, I am an agnostic, I don't know whether I believe in God. I do consider myself spiritual, and it's hard to explain this distinction to people. I was in a similar situation last year, and lemme tell you how grateful I am to whoever is out there for the outcome with my son.</p>

<p>Yes, Berurah needs to bottle it and sell it if she can! :)</p>

<p>Must make a quick comment....based on all the responses saying that JHU is perfect for your son with his interests and abilities...and that Duke is an excellent alternative, again for your son with his interests and there anyone else out there who thinks that perhaps the Yale reader in fact understood immediately upon reading the application that as great as this kid was, there was a better home for him and his college experience? Perhaps the reader knew that this child would find the JHU and Duke options and opted for the rejection to ensure that their interest in Yale would not be a misuse of their college ticket? Maybe the application and essays were soooo specific that Yale said that we just do not aspire to that narrow a focus so look elsewhere. Perhaps Yale would be a better bet for graduate work? or perhaps never if infectious diseases are truly the priority? </p>

<p>I understand that I may be a bit too defensive of the Yale reader's rejection, but, after seeing some of this year's outcomes across the board and soo many of the disappointments....I am reminded of a comment a mgr said to me when I was frustrated over something. They told me to take the "personal" out of it... a business decision was just that, a business decision. There are a few threads about safeties and how many schools to apply to.... and why this person got in and I didn't.... it is very hard not to be a lemming when chosing where to is much harder to really figure out what one really wants and then find the best fit or match to that....and love that best fit and match. </p>

<p>Reading this thread connected another couple of dots for me.... I believe that Berurah posted a link to the site that sells stuffed viruses. I actually clicked on the link back then, as our Mother/Son book group had just finished the book The Hot Zone and I wanted to see if they had ebola. Anyway, I have got to believe that anyone who has stuffed viruses would be a perfect match for JHU. And the scholarship offer did exactly what it was supposed to do Berurah, it got your son's and your family's attention. "Look closer at us" was what it was screaming. </p>

<p>Best wishes to you all as you really review all your options.....and the long term ramifications of the final choice. Wonderful, wonderful choices.</p>

from momof2inca: just enjoy the fact that your son is being pursued and that now you know that you can afford to send him to a great college!!!



<p>As others have said, time now for a serious assessment of Duke vs. JHU. Campus visits are in order, paid for by the school if possible (besides everything else, being from Kansas gives you geographical diversity, remember) together with interviews if needed and meeting profs in the fields of interest.</p>

<p>And try to make this time really enjoyable - you've all worked hard for it, and the goodies are rolling in! So besides serious campus visits, have a good time on the side.</p>

<p>Berurah that is so totally unbelievable!! But not surprising!! He's a talented and focused young man and it's no wonder the schools want him. It may be a tough decision but it's a wonderful one to have.

You are such a class act. Your post ^ to Berurah brought tears to my eyes.</p>

<p>Lovely! Always nice to hear more good news!</p>

<p>Congrats, Berurah, and son.
I try very hard not to be a JHU basher on this board, because I do NOT think that it is the best choice for most aspiring pre-meds. But I do think your son may be the exception to that rule. There are amazing opportunities for research, and he has solid long term interests in medical research - the problem is the tremendous level of competition for those spots - he, though, may well be the person to get into those spots because of the specific nature of his interests - best of luck to him, instead of being down, he now has a great, tough choice!</p>