Crime Near The FSU Campus

<p>If you're so worried about the crime in this area, why would you venture here in the first place?</p>

<p>Crime happens. Everywhere. Even my hometown has a good amount of crime. According to city data they actually have a worse crime rate than Tallahassee. </p>

<p>If it scares you that much, don't visit the area. Or live here.</p>

<p>Pasbal-- Crime happens "everywhere" is a keen observation, my point
being that just off campus crime seems to be an issue for students. The
point is there is an uptick in incidents. Crime does not normally distribute.</p>

<p>I can take care of myself and I visited for Parent Weekend and a football
game. That is all.</p>

<p>Police should suppress whatever uptick in crime that appears to be going

<p>.02 David</p>

<p>What uptick in crime is going on?</p>

<p>Unless I'm not getting the FSU Alert emails, I've been playing a lot fewer rounds of "Describe that Criminal" with my friends this year than in previous years.</p>

<p>If anything, it's my observation that crime has in fact been down compared to recent years. </p>

<p>It's not surprising to me that crime "just off campus" would seem high. Let's see, vulnerable students walking home at night after either class or partying (or both), likely not paying attention. It's like taking a kid to an amusement park and them getting to be first in line for every ride.</p>

<p>bn12gg, I really don't know what your point is--no one wants anyone victimized violently by criminals anywhere! Some crime exists on and near FSU just like other locales and other colleges. FSU and Tallahassee city officials and police are working on reducing and preventing crime! Violent crime at FSU is an anomoly; more common at and near FSU is theft like guys breaking into cars and grabbing stuff. In fact, you probably even contributed to potential for more crime at FSU if you left a handgun in your car that a thief could have grabbed from your unattended car while you were at the FSU game on campus this past Saturday.</p>

<p>FSU police and area cops are certainly aware of crime problems in Tallahassee--that's their job. I'm sure they are doing everything they can with available resources to keep locals and students safe and to make necessary improvements for safety in the community. I bet if you wandered around side streets off campus late at night that you would far more likely encounter a patrolling cop than be violently assaulted by a thug. FSU's campus is open and safe at the same time. On and off campus everyone always needs to be cautious about their safety, but it is not by any stretch of the imagination like Beirut or Baghdad at FSU with open gunfire everywhere.</p>

<p>Why are you referencing UCF like it is some kind of crime free haven? Surprised to hear your story about someone getting in a scrape in an off-campus bar--I never heard of that happening before! Same as FSU, UCF has thefts--and same as FSU--few violent crimes. There are thugs even in UCF's Brighthouse football stadium at games...I think they are called students at UCF.</p>

<p>Orlando</a> Crime Map - Showing Crime in University of Central Florida, FL - Crime Statistics - Crime Alerts - Crime Stops Here</p>

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<p>As I recall, all FSU students can subscribe to text and email alerts regarding any kind of campus alarm such as severe weather, crime, whatever. This does not even include the "Blue Light" system, around in similar form since I was a student in the 1970s. Since I have two students still at FSU (both in grad school) and a family member who teaches at TCC, I have not heard about any surge in activity around the various schools. No one has mentioned a word.</p>

<p>But hey, trust the news you hear from a UF or UCF student about how dangerous it is around Florida State... :rolleyes:</p>

<p>I feel like there as been a few more reports of burglary the past few months then when I first arrived at FSU (on campus at strangely irregular times). I had one friend last semester who had her place broken into over a weekend. Crime isn't as bad as say, UCF. You don't need to live in a gated community, for example. Just be careful about where you choose to live. My friend lived in a creepier apartment complex. I have a bottom floor apartment (by choice) and have never felt safer.
Even the jaywalking issue is no joke! People cross all the time without thinking. Last year when I was driving back to my dorm late at night somebody had been hit (I assume) and died near McCollum hall on Tennessee st.
In general crime at FSU isn't something I'd worry about.</p>

<p>Yau--- FYI, the ucf police on and off campus are lock down. </p>

<p>FWIW. .02 David</p>

<p>Lock down? I had only asked for recommendations from current students regarding housing/car security as I'm highly considering UCF for graduate school. Are you saying something different?</p>

<p>I'm saying that the UCF police supress crime on campus. Yes, the
occasional issue pops up but they are at it! Today, a couple of them
were at my club/range perfecting technique in anticipation of qualifying
soon. It was a hooooot to watch.</p>

<p>Come on down!</p>

<p>.02 David</p>

<p>This kind of thing worries me:
<a href=""&gt;;/a>
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<p>I'd be choosing based off the program regardless, lol. Just trying to realistic. My home town was actually less than an hour from Orlando.</p>

<p>Put up the FSU/area stats pictorial. </p>


<p>David, you've got to be kidding me, this isn't a battle :/ </p>

<p>My point with the map was to show that I know there is a decent amount of crime in the UCF area. I just wanted to know the locations to avoid in terms of housing. Maps don't tell the whole story. It's the same at FSU.</p>

<p>I'm a student attending FSU, and frankly it's not just blacks who live in the surrounding neighborhoods that seem sketchy. If you are afraid of sketchy people in general whether they are the color blue, then you just need to be careful where you go. FSU is an amazing school. Just be careful and look around where you are, observe your surroundings, and try to never walk anywhere alone.Trust your instincts, if you feel weird walking down a certain road then you should stop and go back to an area populated by many people.</p>

<p>I just wanted to know is it easier to get into the summer term at FSU</p>

<p>This is a bit irrelevant to the immediate discussion, but my mom went to fsu in the late 80's and she has told me stories of crime that is very scary, one that sticks in my head, she said she was followed home one night by a guy wearing the stereotypical criminal garb, big coat, black clothes, beanie, ect, and she was chased by him across landis green until she saw a pizza guy walking to a dorm who scared the perp off, but now with those safe poles they have or whatever they're called I would imagine that kind of thing almost never occurs these days. I also notice alot of stripped bikes around campus still locked to their respective bike rack when I visit, and that always struck up a little question what the crime was like there.</p>

<p>This is the second year I've had a bike at FSU. I lock it on the rack at night outside my dorm and no one has ever bothered it. I think most of the stripped, cannibalized locked to the bike racks bikes were simply abandoned by their owners who probably weren't able or not interested in taking them home when school ended for them. It is a pain getting some of the locks removed or cut, so I think FSU maintenance just waits to end of year and saws abandoned bikes off racks and junks them.</p>

<p>The FSU Blue Light System has been around a long time.</p>

<p>Emergency</a> Blue Light Telephones (EBLT) / - Communications / Information Technology Services / FSU - Information Technology Services</p>

<p>Abandoned bikes on campus are also an old event. Students sometimes just leave them.</p>

<p>Just as there are emergency blue-lights scatterer throughout
the campus, are there “rape-cords” in the dorms ?</p>

<p>If you're a FSU student, you don't want to live south of Gaines or south of Jackson Bluff, it's is FAMU territory. You also want to avoid the area between Tharpe and Brevard, which is "Frenchtown." Most FSU students live in the area between FSU and TCC. The problem is that area is sandwiched right between the two bad sections I just mentioned.</p>

<p>The only way the situation will ever improve is if FAMU goes the way of the dodo and if the city of Tallahassee does something (I don't know what) about Frenchtown.</p>

<p>...because Frenchtown and FAMU are the bastard children of Tallahassee right ?</p>