CWRU Waitlist Class of 2025

I haven’t gotten that email yet but in a previous email they mentioned that everyone on waitlist should receive it by April 9th. Hoping to receive one soon.

In any case it will help you decide if you want to accept an offer…because at this point Case only wants to offer you admittance if you will accept it.

we got it too

For those on the waitlist, have you sent in a letter expressing strong interest or first choice? If not, would strongly recommend one if you definitely want Case.

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we got an email today morning with 3 options to indicate our interest and there was no requirement to send letter. are you suggesting a separate LOCI to indicate interest?

I can tell you that my child got those same emails a year ago. He responded to them promptly indicating (truthfully) that CWRU was his top choice. He got a spot off the W/L in the last days before May 1. Never sent a separate letter.

A letter won’t do any harm, but it’s not an explicit or an implied requirement to get admitted from the waitlist. Good luck.


Don’t disagree with you. I think it can only confirm in words a strong desire. Don’t think it can hurt in any way. Also, one may stand out in a positive way when going beyond choosing one of the 3 options.

Hi, I still haven’t received my financial aid email but all materials appear to be submitted from my side and I definitely applied for fin aid. I emailed admissions yesterday night after the waitlist information session but still haven’t heard back. Is there anything else I can do?

Can you email your admissions counselor?

I reached out to her earlier today, hoping to get a response tomorrow.

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Received an email regarding campus tour for waitlist students at CWRU

i have as well. however i probably won’t get to go as i live pretty far away. hope that doesn’t impact waitlist negatively.

I’ve heard that waitlist acceptances will start from tomorrow, is that still true?

Is it posted somewhere on CWRU website?

That’s what it said on the CWRU waitlist faq page:

“Starting April 15, but offers are often extended in the final week of April and throughout the month of May.”

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Thank you.

Any one got off the waitlist so far?

My son got a letter asking him to choose among three options (paraphrased):

  1. “Keep me on waitlist–this is my top choice”
  2. “Keep me on waitlist–I’m interested”
  3. “Take me off waitlist”

It says students who don’t respond will be taken off the waitlist. Does anyone know if there’s a deadline for responding? He thought he’d have until May 1 to decide his top choice, so he’s going to admitted student events (virtual) now. He doesn’t want to declare #2 if it may end up as his top choice, because that’s understating interest and would almost certainly hurt his chances; but he doesn’t want to declare #1 if he’s not yet sure he’s there. And it strikes me that while universities can do whatever they want, forcing a “what’s your top choice” statement with high stakes before May 1 seems like an iffy practice.

I would Choose 1 since it is not binding. I would think they will have to give until May 1 to decide if they gave an admit before then.

Is anyone also still receiving emails about the virtual events for people on the waitlist? Also would going to more of these events increase chances of getting off waitlist?

I’m getting them too. Yes, I think it would demonstrate more continued interest since on the portal in the FAQ’s it says the message [see image]; however, I’m not sure how much it would increase your chances.