CWRU Waitlist Class of 2025

so looking online at reddit, tons of people have already been accepted for spring. that means that they didn’t admit me for spring, so how on earth would I get into fall if I got “rejected” from spring?

they are still giving out spring admissions into next week too. they are admitting around 75 seats for spring. you might still get into spring. and just because you don’t get into spring doesn’t mean you won’t get into fall! don’t worry!

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Hang in there…I heard that CWRU received the most applications in their history this year and I’m sure it’s that way at a number of schools. My good friend’s son is still hoping to get off waitlist this week for Fall 2021…keeping fingers crossed for you too! :wink:


Do you think that they will start pulling from the waitlist for the fall this week?

looking at last year’s class of 2024, they started accepting this week after may 3rd yes. Let’s just hope it’s the case this year. Not sure though!

Could someone compare Upitt Honors vs CWRU for premed . We did not get to visit CWRU. so no idea of how close the hospitals are from CWRU for shadowing / clinical research .

Is there any Grade deflation at CWRU ?
We heard 50% of Upitt premed students who take MCAT get accepted to medical schools . Any stats on CWRU?
Thanks in advance

Do not take my word for it, but I watched a pre-health webinar for Case and they said that at least 70 percent of Case pre-health students that apply to medschool get in if they have at least a 3.5 and a decent test score. Try seeing if you can attend this webinar and ask for this if you want to make sure.
Also, I recently was fortunate enough to visit the campus. It is literally in walking distance to both University Hospitals and Cleveland Clinic; my tour guide seemed very confident that pre-med students will have no trouble finding opportunities nearby.
That’s my quick take.


It seems as though Case is taking spring admits who don’t need financial aid. Case is need-aware which really sucks, but hopefully for the fall, they can create more slots disregarding financial situation. What u guys think

For me, the financial aid package covers almost 70% of my expenses. I hope this doesn’t effect how they choose to admit for the fall.

I am in the same boat as you. I qualify for a good sum of aid. If anyone was accepted and they received aid, I would feel much better about the situation. I don’t want to scare anyone, but it is something to be aware of.

where did you hear spring admits were people with no financial aid?

this is a link to the reddit page
majority of them “can’t afford” or haven’t received aid

Did you all get the email from case regarding the waitlist? What do they mean they still don’t know for sure how many students they will be able to offer admission to?

Got the email too. Seems to me they don’t know what to do and now we have to wait till May 28th

I have no freaking idea, how many times they are going to ask the same question in that survey :slight_smile:

My understanding is that many students already accepted by Case are waitlisted by their top choice schools. Case may lose some of those who get off other schools’ waitlists in the future, but does not know how many they will lose for now. Schools like Cal Tech, CMU etc. usually do not shut the door for the waitlisted till mid July. It is like a supply chain waiting game for a lot of parents and students. Be patient and be prepared.

I can confirm as someone currently admitted to case. I’ve been talking to a lot of other students who have committed. Quite a bit are on waitlists at other universities, including me. I’m sure there will be waitlist movement!


my understanding is that most seats for the spring admission are gone, and like @UcanDiT said, case is probably waiting for other schools as they may lose waitlist students to them. only thing I’m not sure about is how many seats they might have left to actually offer admission

so as of now, they don’t have room? why did they say they were optimistic about moving tons of people off the waitlist? it’s honestly just creating false hope in my opinion.

I think they might have a little bit of room, or weren’t finished counting the deposits yet when they emailed us. And because a lot of people are waitlisted at other schools they probably said we don’t know how much space we have yet. I don’t think they would give false hope because of how they explained all this in the waitlist info session. I hope waitlists a good amount this month so people like us can go!