Dartmouth Class of 2027 Official Thread

when did u receive that?

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heyy if you don’t mind sharing did you submit the isfaa? did they tell you what to submit to make it complete? thanks!

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that is sent to accepted applicants every year as a glitch in the system.

for the past 19 years, every international who got that email got in!

The portal looks different today…

Wdym? I don’t see any changes here, at least on mobile.

No changes in the checklist, but the background looks a little different today. I am looking at it on my desktop. It’s probably just the fonts or something.

does not getting it mean rejected :sob:

Getting it = Yayyy!
Not getting it =/= nay


I don’t see any difference, but that could just be me!

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I posted on this thread saying I got the financial aid email a few days ago.

Since then Dartmouth’s Director of Financial Aid sent me a long personal email with many specific questions regarding the intricacies of my family’s financial situation.

Does that mean I’m in? Is it reasonable to assume that the Financial Aid office mostly focuses their time and effort on students who have been admitted, especially at this point in the admissions cycle?

Hi everyone, I recently checked my Dartmouth Financial Aid Checklist and saw that they have added more documents to my list. Is this a positive sign?

16th march

Yes. A personalized email has always been an acceptance since a decade or so

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Domestic or int’l? At the very least I have a hard time imagining that it’s a bad thing.

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what abt a generalized one?

Was there email 19 years back? I was moving from Turbo Pascal to VC++ during that time :innocent:

Domestic. My memory isn’t 100% but I am pretty sure all of these were not on my checklist until very recently. Can’t upload a picture, but I have the following that they received: CSS, FAFSA, Federal Verification Form, Non-Filer Statement (Student), IDOC Submissions, Custodial Parents’ 2021 Federal W-2 Form(s), Custodial Parents’ Schedule A from 2021 Income Tax Return, Parent Form 1099, Parents’ Schedule 1, 2, & 3, and Signed Custodial Parents’ 2021 Federal Income Tax Return.

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We have all that as well, except for schedule 1,2 and 3 as they don’t apply to us. It’s just what they collect.

That’s more than I have. What are the Schedule A + Schedule 1, 2, 3 forms?

For reference, here’s what mine looks like.

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