Davidson College Early Decision for Fall 2023 Admission




Can anyone add stats? My DD is waiting on RD - wondering if she has any shot.

Does anyone have any updates on these scholarships? I assume they have moved on without me…

Haven’t heard anything about Belk, I think they let applicants know either way. Mine didn’t apply for Duke scholarship.

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Spoke with Admissions - apparently Davidson will be notifying semi-finalists for the Belk at the end of this month.


Just got an email today notifying my daughter that she did not make the semi-final round for the Belk.


Just received email (around 4 pm on 2/21), she was not chosen as one of the 75 (or less) Belk semifinalists. Did not apply for Duke scholarship, as she is leaning towards larger schools. Good luck to everyone!

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thanks for update. no good news here either.

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