<p>i had lobster and 4 CR sections</p>

<p>one of the sections had 23 questions</p>

<p>24+24+19 = 67</p>

<p>so the 23 question section is experimental. It was the 5th section for me.</p>

<p>it was the one with answers inconoclastic/skewered</p>

<p>i took the test in california and the experimental section was the writing section... i forgot what the two improving paragraph stories were.. does anyone remember and know which section was the experiemental section, hope it is the 2nd one</p>

<p>same here...i had "test A" with writing exp..</p>

<p>which one was it tho??</p>

<p>one about drama club..</p>

<p>one about ...arg can't remember..</p>

<p>for the boy who likes to get lost, did you guys put "a distinctive child perspective" for the question that asked about the description about Santa? Also, the last question about his answer in the last paragraph : "Dumb luck I guess," is the answer he appreciates surprise benefits?</p>

<p>Starbury 1988, the hard grid ins had #20 that was like squares in circles, right?</p>

<p>I put distinctive child view - I was tempted to put the contrast between the small boy and huge santa, but luckily I changed it last minute!</p>

<p>For the other one I chose the same one: "unexpected benefits."</p>

<p>yes!! thank u :)</p>

<p>schitz, do u remember anything else?</p>

<p>I thought sentence completion for the first passage (Mars passages) was kinda hard... even stumbled on the first one lol</p>

I had the lobster story test, and I think the experimental section was one of the two writing sections that had paragraphs that you're supposed to edit.


<p>Hmmm...that's interesting. I had the lobster test and I had an experimental math section (that I REALLY hope was section 5).</p>

<p>I had 24+23+20=67..(+ one experimental)</p>

<p>My experimental is either-</p>

<p>one CR section containing passages of an indian boy and lobsters (section 2, 24 questions), or another containing passages of a man talking about memories (section 5, 23 questions)</p>

<p>I'm hoping the latter is the experimental, heh. Some questions didn't really fit.</p>

<p>I think i had the same as Ruella and yes I REALLY hope section 5 math was experimental... </p>

<p>I had 2 grid in sections... so shouldn't one of those be experimental?</p>

<p>darnit, i did good on the shakespeare one.</p>

<p>did everyone have the chess passage?</p>

I think i had the same as Ruella and yes I REALLY hope section 5 math was experimental... </p>

<p>I had 2 grid in sections... so shouldn't one of those be experimental?


<p>Yeah it would have been one of the grid-in sections, but I really do think section 5 was experimental because did you notice that the questions were really badly ordered in terms of difficulty? And some of them were poorly worded and really confusing, too <em>crosses fingers</em></p>

<p>Did anyone have the same version as ruella, but without 2 grid-in's?</p>

<p>what was exp for writing?</p>

<p>Yea was section 5 the one that began with a question that was like</p>

<p>a^2 - 2ab + b2 = ab</p>

<p>and then there was soemthing about it.... I couldn't even get that question and it was number 1!!!</p>

<p>It was the only one i left blank on the whole test though.</p>

<p>Yea I think I probably had that version. Maybe section 5 is the experimental?</p>